Costs & Terms

A session varies from 35 to 55 minutes depending on the age of the child/adult.

PRICE GUIDE (Prices vary according to means, location of work, and type of referral)

Introductory Meeting -  a chance to meet and to discuss your needs - £22.50
Assessment (Adult) - usually more than one session - £45-£110
Assessment (Child) - usually two to six sessions - from £90
Session rate: £45
Per Day rate (Therapy, e.g. in school or clinic) - Includes approx. four individual or group sessions of counselling/play therapy - £160
Per Day rate (Professional Development, Training & Education) - Price dependent on location, number of participants and whether package is tailor-made or already existing - £180+
Child-Parent Relationship Therapy - a 10 session programme - £450
Non-court basic brief report  -  from £55
Court report  -  POA
When we meet, we’ll agree some things so that you can feel safe and clear about what having counselling or therapy involves  -   and what you can expect.  We’ll agree things like:
  • Where we are going to meet.
  • Arranging and cancelling an appointment
  • The length and frequency of sessions, and how many sessions we have agreed we think could be useful (if we have). Play therapy/counselling is at the discretion of the client at all times, even when this is not the same  person as the person paying!  This raises questions for some people so please do not hesitate to make contact (hyperlink to Contact Me form) if you would like to discuss this or any other matter with me.
  • What you want out of the counselling /therapy and how often we will review whether we are achieving your goals.
  • The cost of sessions, how to pay, and reassurance that I will give you lots of notice if fees are going up for any reason.
  • How counselling/therapy sessions come to a close; that’s always at the client’s discretion.  
  • Privacy and confidentiality of what we discuss, and the legal limits to this.
  • Making contact between sessions
  • Counselling or therapy records  - reason for keeping records, storage, protection and access to them.
  • My complaints procedure in case you are unhappy with the service I provide for you.
If you are looking for counselling or play therapy to be provided in your school, clinic or other organisation, you will want your investment in therapy to be used to maximum effect.  So we’ll agree some things such as: 
  • Case load management including evaluation of outcomes
  • Provision of a suitable and consistent room/storage facility/any other resources
  • Responsibilities for cleaning, D&B checks, and insurances