Clinical Supervision

Bridge Play Therapy & Counselling Services offers creative Clinical Supervision to those working with adults and children in health care and education settings, such as psychotherapists, play therapists, counsellors, nurses, teachers, teaching assistants, and SENCOs.

Clinical Supervision will provide you with an opportunity to explore your work in a confidential* environment, completely separate from your work context.  A  structured process, lasting a minimum of one hour, supports the exploration of  your work to increase professional competence, safety, confidence and personal satisfaction.

Creativity in supervision is an option open to you, working at both a cognitive and metaphorical symbolic level. The use of a sand tray, clay or other materials will increase the opportunity for you to gain insight into your work, and a sense of professional realignment.  

"I feel completely different about my work after supervision; I feel relieved, understood, helped, excited, affirmed . . . .. " Esme.

To find out more about how Clinical Supervision can help all healthcare and education professionals, please enquire here.