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Yourself:  Perhaps you are low, anxious, depressed, stuck, shocked, confused, or suffering unexplained physical symptoms.  Counselling is evidenced as being effective with a whole range of problems.  Click here to find out more about me and how I work.  Then, click here to contact me to discuss your needs and/or make an appointment for an Introductory appointment.
Your Child:   We know when something isn’t right with our child.  Perhaps it seems like it never has been. Or perhaps you have seen a change in your child; you have an ‘intuition’ or ‘not a clue in the world’  what has happened?  You have spent time thinking about ‘phases’ your child might be going through, but at some level you just feel something isn’t quite right.  Play Therapy is evidenced as helping children to express and resolve their problems.  Parent education, Child-Parent Relationship Therapy or parent therapy can help you and/or your partner to help your child.  Let me know what is on your mind and we can discuss which direction you would like to go in.

One or more school pupils:  When children and teens ‘externalise’ their distress in class, it places a huge strain on teaching staff, other pupils and even administratively - as well as the child concerned becoming academically at-risk. Play Therapy, Parent education, Child-Parent Relationship Therapy or parent therapy are different options that can help in these situations. Contact me to discuss how best to meet your needs.  

Your employee(s) There are all sorts of reasons why staff are ‘on the edge’ or ‘go under’ or ‘burn out’; sometimes they know what’s troubling them, sometimes it can seem a mystery.  Counselling and therapy is evidenced as helping with a wide range of difficulties.  Contact me to discuss your needs and options.  

For Professional Staff Development: Please click here to find out how we can help your staff team grow and develop in ways that make their work more enjoyable.