Dr.Puran Bridgemohan, 
PhD Crop Science 

       Sharing one’s life experiences is a sure way for the continuous advances in the science and technology in agriculture. I am in the twilight of my career after having spent over thirty five years in the field of agricultural research in the Caribbean. Currently, I am an administrator and lecturer in a tertiary agricultural education institution in the University of Trinidad and Tobago. As a Crop Scientist, I am engaged in research in the areas of bio-energy, weed science, nutracueticals, agronomy and ethno-pharmacology. I supervise both post-graduate and undergraduate students, in addition to working with other local teams.

        I teach several undergraduate courses both at the diploma and bachelors programme. They include biology, plant physiology, plant nutrition, weed science, crop protection, agricultural engineering. I have taught undergraduate courses as a Teaching Assistant when I was a post graduate student. Over twenty five have lapse since I have lectured. I found taking courses in teaching and learning has greatly influenced  and improve my teaching and assessment approach. 


      This e.portfolio sets out to describe my new career in the field of instruction and research in tertiary education. It includes my teaching philosophy , courses that I teach and some selected publications of my research. It will be continoulsy upgraded as I pursue this pathway.




puran bridgemohan,
Dec 26, 2012, 2:09 PM