Our laboratory serves as a platform between different (senior and younger) scientists, engineers, and practitioners at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and our collaborators (wherever they are or coming from). Our goal is to share knowledge and challenge the current state-of-the-art by building and improving tools and technology. We believe that by doing so we will speed up the transition from concept to practice, and in doing so we will train a new generation of scientists, engineers, and practitioners that will be uniquely qualified to do outstanding research and work in the intersection of different disciplines. 

Currently, the BRIDGE Lab (and its collaborators) are working mainly on the following topics:

  • brain dynamics and control -- we seek to leverage dynamical and control systems theory to unveil new insights towards the understanding in healthy and disease regimes, which, ultimately, will lead towards new diagnostics and treatments of neural disorders; 

  • network science -- the goal is to develop and characterize network models that capture the intrinsic dynamical properties of real large-scale complex networks; 

  • basic research in control systems theory -- understanding the global qualitative behavior of large-scale systems from their structural or parametric descriptions and provide a rigorous framework for the design, analysis, optimization, and control of large-scale (real-world) systems.