What human knowledge does not know,
are abysses of knowledge !


To make Origins limited to the only one Male God of the Bible with no wife Goddess, is quite chauvinist! As it is to blame Eve for being tricked and seduced first in their apparent innocence! But no doubt the good influence of the Bible in good behavior, morale, etc., is their legacy!

For Science to claim Life originated by mere irrational forces of nature on pre-existing elements found in Nature and the Universe, is also of very small scope for it to be also Academia! Irrational innate matter is alleged to have made rational human beings! The abyss between irrational innate mater and rational humans is admitted in Academia today as the theory of Consciousness, etc.

Both Bible Academia theology and Modern Biology Evolution and its ramifications, are really ancient pre-historic dinosaurs, in most all the sense of the words! Their way of thinking make it is very hard to develop better logic ways of living and livelihood! Thus the reason of the apparent rejection to my
newer development in logic and pure logic! The big question is: do we all deserve to be buried in obscurantism and time, because they do not permit my logic nor my work?

Pure logic provides more intelligent and complete logic of most all! Pure logic can give us all better motives for life on Earth and our future as "sane, mostly non-evil, humans!

But it has been up to us humans to develop to most advanced ways of social-economic Countries, and human rights!

Everything has a line of accepted happiness and rationale! We are all mostly are living what they think or want us to!
The ultimate pure logic true future World provides a life in certain better barriers of true happiness and equanimity!

Meanwhile we are all obliged to live fables, lies, and submission to the economy of the rich and what Governments of Countries, believe is the only way of doing things! And there cannot be any better way! The implementation of anything better, is not feasible, because there is nobody nor the how to do it! But it is not a utopia! The real utopia is to leave it to a surreal after life heaven, when heaven is surely only in the here and now!

Pure logic always provides better logic, and asks the question, what if humans have been mostly wrong in their ways of life, and understanding of life!

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