MMBC was founded in 1979 by enthusiastic bridge aficionados, who were also the founding members of the fledgling Maharashtra Mandal of Detroit.  Their vision was to get like minded friends together once a month, renew the friendships, and play bridge while doing it. 
The club plays monthly on the third Friday of each month at a designated venue.  The sessions start at 7:30pm at the designated venue and end generally before midnight.  We play 25 - 30 boards at each session, depending on the number of tables at the session.  We use ACBL rules for play, but are more relaxed in the application of the rules, and provide some snacks and soft drinks to keep people in a good mood.
The club has played every month since 1979 except the one month in 2003 when the Great American Power Failure darkened the entire east end of the U.S.
Through the years, over 100 friends have played in our monthly sessions. Every year, over 40 friends play in one or more sessions. We track the monthly scores for the year and the top 3 scorers of each calendar year receive trophies at the annual MMBC (Maharashtra Mandal Bridge Club) banquet.  
We welcome new members, and if anyone is interested in joining the bridge club, please send an e-mail to 
There are a few club rules, such as costs, you should know. These club rules can be found under "Club Expectations" section.
The Reference Information section has some bridge related items which you are invited to peruse at your leisure.