What to Wear

We practice all year round so clothing will vary from season to season. The only paddling-specific garment require is a Personal Flotation Device or PFD. Don't go buy one today. We will have loaner PFDs available.

During the Summer months...most anything that you'd wear for any outdoor activity.
Flip flops
Tank top
Dry fit shirt
Anything you don't mind getting wet.

Ladies, do not wear a bathing suit only...you'll get chafing in places you don't want it from the seat in the boat and from the life jacket, so be sure to wear shorts or compression shorts. The same is true of your top...anything less than a tank will expose your skin to chafing from the life jacket.

During the Winter months, the must haves are...
Waterproof pants
Waterproof rain jacket
Warm hat
Waterproof shoes

It's important to wear layers. There are some nights when it seems that you will freeze to death, then you start paddling and cannot wait for a break in order to take off a layer or two.

Some personal favorites:
Ski-pants (or a waterproof shell over long underwear), long underwear, dry-weave pullover and a warm beanie.

Remember to bring something warm to change into for that drive home too.

Honestly, once you're on the water, thoughts of what you are wearing will fall back in the list of considerations, but it's always good to ask. If you are unsure about anything, please feel free to contact jeremy@bridgecitypaddling.org and we'll get back to you ASAP.