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Wedding Decor Ideas Pictures

wedding decor ideas pictures
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wedding decor ideas pictures - The Light
The Light Garden WLWB60 Willow Branch with 60 Lights
The Light Garden WLWB60 Willow Branch with 60 Lights
Bring a warm, inviting glow to any setting with The Light Garden's beautiful illuminated willow branches. Add them to your existing floral arrangements or plants, or use them on their own for a truly dramatic touch. The Light Garden illuminated floral creations are ideal for use in your home or office, and at special events such as weddings and birthdays. Use them anywhere indoors, or outside in covered, protected environments. Just plug into an electrical outlet using the 16-foot cord with AC adapter - and you have a completely new lighting look for any area. The incandescent bulbs are rated for 8,000 hours of use, so will provide many hours of enjoyment.

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Picture Wall
Picture Wall
My wall of pictures. I started this about two weeks ago on a wall in my bedroom. I have about 70 pictures so far. However I have about 25,000 on my computer.
Pew Bows
Pew Bows
Not a very good picture, but gives you an idea of one of the colors- there are 3 different colors made like this.

wedding decor ideas pictures
wedding decor ideas pictures
5x7 Hinged TO MY FATHER ON MY WEDDING DAY Poem ~Black Picture/Photo Frame ~ A Wonderful Gift Idea for the FATHER OF THE BRIDE!
5x7 Hinged Black Double Oak Photo/Picture/Poem FRAME ~ To My Father On My Wedding Day ~ Wonderful Photo & Verse Keepsake for the Father of the Bride! Poems are Copyright protected and are not in the public domain. All Rights Reserved. To read poem, click on see larger image below photo. Solid OAK Frame includes double 5x7 hinged frame, glass, verse and backers. One opening holds your favorite 5x7 photo and the other holds a heart felt verse, photo and verse are interchangeable between openings. NOTE* This item is also available in a Light/Medium stained oak frame, so be sure to check out my other listings!