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Room Wall Decor

room wall decor
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room wall decor - Emma Wall
Emma Wall Decor
Emma Wall Decor
Emma Wall Decor by Lambs and Ivy. This 3 piece wall decor set provides a nice decorative touch to your nursery. Includes three wooden plaques featuring an elephant, a giraffe, and a turtle; enhanced with a polka dotted border design in shades of pink, brown and camel. Perfectly designed to coordinate with Emma bedding and accessories. Each piece has a metal hook on the back for hanging.
Emma is a whimsical and fun bedding. Features polka doted and striped fabric patches in shades of chocolate brown, pink, and camel; enhanced with embroidered curious giraffes, happy elephants, and friendly turtles.
For over 25 years, Lambs and Ivy has been inspired by the knowledge that the nursery is the heart and soul of every new parent's home. Since then, their mission has been to enhance every baby's environment with their high quality, creative baby products. We are proud to say that they have set the standard not only for comfort, but safety in every nursery.

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Home Renovation: Front Room Stencilling
Home Renovation: Front Room Stencilling
Will and I will attempt to NEVER have wallpaper again. What's better than wallpaper? Just stenciling a wallpaper design onto your painted wall. I got this damask stencil off of eBay after much comparison (holy crap there are a lot of wall stencils). Some of them cost more than $100. This one was somewhere around $30.
Home Renovation: Front Room Intermediate (Painted)
Home Renovation: Front Room Intermediate (Painted)
Here's the room after we've: - removed the wallpaper - removed the wallpaper backing & adhesive - washed the wall - primed the wall - painted the wall two coats of paint (Olympic's "Grey Ghost") So close to finished!

room wall decor