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John Fashion Shoes

john fashion shoes
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john fashion shoes - Shoes: The
Shoes: The Complete Sourcebook
Shoes: The Complete Sourcebook
The most comprehensive and detailed history of shoes ever published, with more than 2000 specially drawn illustrations.
John Peacock charts the development of every kind and style of footwear from earliest times to the present day, for both men and women. His drawings reproduce in meticulous detail a host of representative examples from every era: the simple sandals of Ancient Egypt, made from natural fibers; exquisite Greek footwear of the "Golden Age," including boots made from rawhide with leather linings and leg bindings; richly embroidered and bejeweled shoes of the Byzantine empire; the fantastic pike-toed boots newly fashionable in the fourteenth century; the hugely exaggerated platform heels of the sixteenth century; eighteenth-century women's slippers of the finest silk; and a huge range of contemporary shoes, from sneakers and stilettos to the latest footwear in radical materials and experimental styles.

The pictures are arranged in six chronological sections and accompanied by full descriptions, including details of materials, heel and toe styles, decorations, and fastenings. An invaluable reference section includes a time chart summarizing the development of shoes throughout the centuries, a concise bibliography, and biographies and histories of the world's leading shoe designers and manufacturers, including Manolo Blahnik, Salvatore Ferragamo, Charles Jourdan, Roger Vivier, and Vivienne Westwood.

This encyclopedic survey, with its colorful and detailed illustrations, will become the unrivaled reference work in its field, indispensable to any shoe enthusiast, designer, or collector. Over 2,000 illustrations, 800 in color

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Me & my shoes, 9/13/11
Me & my shoes, 9/13/11
Observing the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week that's running in New York, I wore my special secret Louboutins (often believed to be mere Pumas). The picture was by my Vanity Fair colleague Adam Nadler and was taken in our offices, overlooking Times Square.
Converse by John Varvatos All Star Ox black |
Converse by John Varvatos All Star Ox black |
Converse by John Varvatos Collection Printemps/Ete 2011 Spring/Summer 2011 Collection Coleccion Primavera/Verano 2011 Limited Edition

john fashion shoes
john fashion shoes
eS Men's Taido Manwolf Collab Skate Shoes,Blue/Red/White,12 M US
Inspired by Corey Adams' film, Machotaildrop, the eS Manwolf Taido Skate Shoe is the kind of shoe that will make your teachers scowl, your mom freak, and your friends drool out of jealousy. In addition to the prominent 'Man Wolfs' graphics on the side and tongue, this glorious piece of artwork also features a suede upper with a seamless toe box for durability, an EVA midsole for extra cushioning, and a high-top design for enhanced stability.

Product Features
Upper Material: suede
Sole: rubber
Midsole: EVA
Construction: Strobel
Lacing: standard
Arch Support: flat
Recommended Use: skate
Manufacturer Warranty: 30 days

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