Advertising with BrickGamers


You've come to the right place to advertise if you want to target gamers who have a high disposable income. These gamers come to BrickGamers because they like LEGO®, a Premium Collectible Toy which is known worldwide for its appreciating value, and has been named as Toy of the Century * - twice.

* (Fortune magazine, 2000) - BusinessWeek

What Does This Mean?

LEGO® sets can easily cost anywhere from USD$100 to $500 but these collectors know the value will appreciate over time so they make a sound investment and continuously keep buying sets.

BrickGamers taps into this market by leveraging on our over 20 years of experience with LEGO®, allowing us to utilize our vast collection of LEGO® and creative know-how to come up with our Web comics based on gaming jokes that appeals to gamers. We even manage the Malaysian English Forum on LEGO® and Collectible Toys.

All these advantages places BrickGamers in a unique position to appeal to both markets allowing us to attract buyers with a high disposable income that are into games as well. This means viewers of BrickGamers not only play games - they're well-funded as well too.

Why Advertise With Us?

The BrickGamers online site attracts more than 40,000 Views from all over the planet, visited by viewers who have a passion for games in all forms, and in all aspects, regardless of the platform.

To advertise with BrickGamers means you're targeting Malaysia, South-East Asia, and Worldwide audiences that have the funds to invest and spend to enrich their modern digital lives.

Referable Statistics:
  • 88% are Male
  • 45% are Teens
  • 40% are Young Adults (20s-30s)
  • 3mins @ site (average)
  • 20% have widescreen LCD monitor
  • 30% from #1 Malaysia Tech Forum
  • 20% from GameAxis (via URL)
  • 50% from Malaysia
  • 30% from United States
  • Up to 4,500 views monthly
Unrivalled Digital Data Tracking

Backed by Google Analytics, the worldwide Internet logistics leader, BrickGamers offers you direct access to our data so you can view for yourself the demographics to make a decision.

Unlike traditional and conventional mediums like print, their data is only based on claimed reports, unless they've been audited.

With digital data tracking, you can see the results for yourself.

Our Vision

BrickGamers believes in looking and moving forward, and we keep a keen eye on future and upcoming trends that will change the digital landscape. We envision the future of gaming and LEGO® to be very much virtual, and as a result, we've capitalised on the combination of these elements to bring about a fresh new change and approach, and offer something new to both viewers and advertisers so you can reap the highest ROI.

What We Can Do For You

Aside from offering you placement for your advertisements, either in the form of standard static images or dynamic animated Flash-based promotions, BrickGamers can also generate customised and personalised LEGO® advertorials which can capture target viewers with 3D comics that's unheard of before.

We're in touch with the gaming community as we're gamers ourselves so we know exactly about your target market.

BrickGamers believes Print is Dead and the Future is Virtual, so if you want to stake a hold in the future, we invite you to be with us.

Contact Us

To contact us, send us a mail to We'll get back to you on the best method to deliver your message to the masses of gamers and LEGO® fans, who are just waiting for you to remind them of what they should invest in, to best complement their digital world.


If you're interested in BrickTech, our technology-related site, we also offer the same possibilities mentioned above. Talk to us. We also have BrickLives, for the consumer market.