Coach Warren Wolf


Where do we begin?  The legendary Coach Warren Wolf is a mentor to all who have worn the kelly green jersey's on cold Saturdays at Keller Memorial Field.  We will update this some famous lines, historic quotes, and of course, his lessons in life. 
We will also add pictures and stories.  As you know, there is nothing we can write, or post here that will do justice, if you've had the opportunity to be in the presence of such a wonderful man.  He taught us all lessons that we carry on through life.  Whenever we are put to the test, his voice or the qualities he has instilled in all of us kicks in.   Many of former Brick Football players credit Warren Wolf to the reason for many of their successes, and with good reason.  When he spoke to you, he gave you everything he had.  When he complimented you, you know you earned it.  He never let you get too high on a win, and never let you get too low with a loss.   Brick players have something instilled in all of them - they stay level headed and get the job done no matter what the odds. 
to be continued.....!  (please feel free to send in your stories, remarks, famous quotes, and more)

"Buckle your chinstraps boys, we're going to take our first beach head!"

"Boys, Look to the left of you, look to the right of you.  We are going to war today, and one of you might not make it back!"

"Are you injured, or are you hurt?  If you're injured, stay down.  If you're hurt, get up, your mother's watching!"