Bricket Wood Common, Woodland Management Work: 18 January 2018

posted 7 Feb 2018, 09:52 by Bricket Wood Residents' Association
We will continue the woodland management work on Bricket Wood Common this year. To date the work has been successful, the areas of coppiced hornbeam are being to re grow and areas where trees have been felled are showing good signs of recovery with natural regeneration. The control of squirrels continues as they are a big threat to young growing trees.
During February work will take place in an area that stretches west into the Common opposite the entrance to Little Munden Farm. Trees of poor quality that provide no use to future silviculture will be felled and existing hornbeam will be coppiced to give future growth. Care will be taken to remove poor quality trees that surround good quality trees to allow the better ones to flourish whilst removing the competition from the poor neighbours.
During this process we are keen to maintain a continuous forestry cover – when looking down from above you would not see large open spaces or clear fell where trees have been removed in bulk, you would see a continuous canopy of developing trees.
The felling work will take place in February and will be completed before the bird nesting season. The felled timber will be left in situ until the dry summer months when it will be removed with as little impact on the soil and woodland floor as possible. It will be necessary to create a wider ride to enable access to the woodland area but this will be managed with care to avoid compaction.
All work is being carried out with approval of Natural England and regular consultation takes place with representatives of St Albans District Council and the Bricket Wood Common Management Committee.
18 January 2018
Henry Holland-Hibbert
Munden Estate