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Brick By Brick Foundation is dedicated to building a special needs school in Tanzania, Africa. Children with special needs are often ostracized or mistreated. Disabled children born to impoverished families are often left uncared for and left to die. Brick By Brick's mission is to provide children with special needs in Tanzania an education and a safe living environment.
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Wine Tasting

Brick By Brick will be hosting a wine tasting event at Wild Mountain Winery in Taylors Falls, MN to raise money for St. Dymphna Special Needs School.

When: Friday, June 27 5-8:00pm
Where: Wild Mountain Winery
           16906 Wild Mountain Rd.
           Taylors Falls, MN

What's Included: Wine Tasting, Hors d'oeuvres, a winery tour, live music and a silent auction.
To purchase tickets for the event, please contact Kari Sawyer at

To make a donation please mail to:
Kari Sawyer
2800 32nd Ave NE
St. Anthony, MN 55418
or donate online by visiting our
Help Us Build page.
Meet some of the new students at St. Dymphna Special Needs School

Michael and Paulo

A sibling pair, the story of these two brothers is a rare happy ending. Abandoned by their parents and rejected by their community they set off to find a new home and family, walking for days over the hills surrounding their village until they reached Arusha. Here they were taken in by a family living near the school and have now been given another chance at their childhood. 

Yeyoni and Elisha

Yeyoni and Elisha are two children from traditional Massai families who stand as examples of the lack of understanding or compassion some parents feel for special needs children in Tanzania. Yeyoni’s mother frequently beats her and keeps her locked up instead of sending her to school, aggravating her already severe cerebral palsy, and Elisha was sent to our school 4 months ago despite us having neither the space nor the funds to support another student. When we explained this to his parents they gave us a choice: either we could take him or they could kill him, either way he couldn’t stay with them any longer. They sent him to stay with a relative who lived closer to the school and now he is slowly learning to feel safe and happy for the first time.

Kari Sawyer,
May 6, 2014, 6:03 PM