This page is broken, but contains useful notes to my songs and links to freeware instruments and effects.

 There'll eventually be lots of song notes here.  I realize my music is not mostly for civilians, it is for psychedellic devotees who can handle twitching in the dark in ekstasis.  I've tried to include notes on what virtual instruments and effects were used, and where one can obtain them from, though sadly I can't recall how I did some things from when I first started up on my first Windows PC so there's just little personal notes about what I was up to when I had no idea wtf I was doing.  Remember: almost every single VST plug-in used to make these songs is freeware.  Musicians may always feel free to contact me about how to create the insane sounds they'd like to make or that I've made (or just hop on over to and ask around).  You, too, can make whatever music crosses your mind; all you need is a PC (hopeffully more powerful than mine!) and a fast internet connection.

runagate - Biggie Pearl

1) Heartdried (Ted Smith III, who played with me in Damitol, plays the guitar on this track through a choice selection of his beautiful analog stomp boxes plus a little bit of VST post-processing)

2) Nonrectilinear Dance (when I first started composing on the PC this is the best I could get for synthesized horns but damn if I wasn't excited to score horns and micro-edit drum hits)

3) Flauting Convection (before I had my trusty physically modeled flute VSTs I made this song with some complicated chain of white noise and noise reduction, plus a rainstick sample)

4) Wiggin' Out (Wiggin' is the first time I managed to create something that was sufficiently eerie in a recording, using modal ideas I'd always had but no one would indulge me in... as it turns out I used an "acid" bass sound, which is interesting as I loathe most electro dance music as being simplistic but apparently someone hit upon a great bass sound for entheogenic enthusiasts back in the day.  This song was originally conceived of as having a banjo-like string instrument with sitar-like sympathetic strings but I didn't have the skills to design that sound back then)

5) Art We Not Deco? (my ode to Devo if Devo more furiously attacked the inhuman hatred of filigree and rococo ornamentation in the 80's, and happened to play uneven metered space prog, and also the first time I got my hands on a wah-wah clavinet)

6) Unilater, Multislacker (a morphing combination of old time Western ballad and post-disco funk for acid casualties?  I assure you it's a lot stranger with the vocals on it.  The middle section is the first time I managed to get VST parameter automation to allow me to melt the living hell out of a mix the way I've always envisioned.  Nowadays I'd be able to do it live...)

7) Jilt Crud (my attempt at making a 70's reggae rock song using classic 70s & 80s synth sounds, but the way I wanted to hear them.  I never was a fan of the various eras of synths I've lived through for the most part and until I learned sound design I never really realized that it wasn't the fault of the gear but the unimaginative hacks who just imitated one another.)

8) Kleptochondriacss  (This song was damned hard to mix and make, and it uses some of the first FSU fx I got my hands on before I'd even heard of the term.  There's a sample of Ted Smith III playing his trippy trumpet in the giant open empty floor of the building where we used to hvae band practive in the outro section, which is in 13 if you're counting)

9) Bleeping Fey  (made as an intro to Or Not 2 Pac, Man? with strange .wav editing and timestretching techniques.)

10) Or Not 2 Pac, Man?  (my first attempt to replicate the hardcore of P.E. but with video game sounds for some reason... I now know that many people make "chiptunes" which isn't really what I was after - that pacman tabla-like kick drum noise is heavy though

11) Phat-Stealers  (Swingin' mutant jazz becomes an abstract collage of super-fast circular bass and turntable scratching becomse lo-fi chillout becomes a strange atmpospheric world of echoes and singing - that singing sound is my first convincing vocal synth creation, and it was made from one synth vocoding another somehow)

12) Quantum Entanglements  (ah, the album has progressed to the point of dropping all pretense and becomes shifting, shimmying psychedellic soundscape... my program music of the macrocosm/microcosm of molecules and galaxies... lost of really amazing binaural panning effects were excruciatingly sequenced into this song - prior to this I'd never heard of a resonant filter)

13) Schiamacachinnations  (This is my first attempt at melding the Javanese and Carnatic versions of the music with which they accompany the Ramayana... tablas and gongs, and of course dub bass through wildly automated ring modulators and such.  Check out the 9-part polyrhythm in the mid-section... I'd never be able to pull that off live.)

14) Locomotiv Astronoumena Caboostier  (even though thissong was begun almost 3 years ago now it's still probably my magnum opus... the "interstellar acceleration" section in the middle took two 16-hour days to compose but it finally worked.  It has the old phase-change surround encoding in it, too, so it works in 3D on some surround systems, especially the outro part which was arpeggios falling like binaural rain.  I've gotten the comment from a lot of people that I've got some major cajones for recording something this scary - yet I genuinely find it to be a great, if challenging, trip through one's ears through underground railways and off into the stars... I guess you have to have been experienced to appreciate this sort of thing)

15) Rebootilicious  (originally conceived as my reaction to contempo pop this song only has scratch vox on it but you get the idea of what this album could have been like given a place to record without having neighbors call the police and a significantly more powerful computer to mix all this chaos - you try interweaving that many melody lines and then sing harmonies over it)

*bonus track*

16) Catharsis Interruptis demo (the score to an old song of mine created as a demo of the sounds that'd be needed from a decade ago sequenced for PC)

runagate - Gun At Ear

1) Bower Pallid (it figures that the only song I ever made featuring acoustic guitar would really by just showing off sound design, it's a physically modeled string synth, the "slide guitar" is a pitch-gliding electric piano, and there's some lovely slapback-echoed Jawhapr VSTi in there, too - thanks to Alex Lapides for the inspiration to try out space cowboy music)

2) Vagitus (this song started out as Voice Your Misgivings, a demo for Quinto Sardo using only his Voices formant synthesizer VSTi but I later expanded and remixed it)

3) Unevenly Spread (originally made for the April 2006 KVR monthly contest and then expanded, this song is a great example of what's so great about in-the-box composing... the PC never messes up my multiple uneven meter parts, the bass always just rocks with automated distortion and dub effects, and then it all kicks into tables through Lost Technology VST effect, one of my absolute favorites)

4) Carnivalorous (Physically Modeled string, Rotodelay and effects-laden hand percussion samples by the late, ever-generous, Doru Malia)

5) Haüs Slâvz (unforunately I lost the composition notes for this song, but the chorus uses the melody of the old mnemonic: M dotted letter crooked letter crooked letter dotted letter crooked letter crooked letter dotted letter hump back hump back dotted letter)

6) Demolicious (this song was with just 3 virtual instruments to show them off to the world: Ugo's Ironhead morphing drum synth, Novuzeit's TheHandsOfDarknessClenched and liqih's Acidome, all three of which I was a preset designer for and all three of which I really love using)

7) Black Ice Kalpa (Kick drum is Jobromedia's Aftershock VSTi, Odo's Kick Me Too VSTi for the other drums (, automated Matuage's mWarped Linear Prediction Filter, (, GTG's NK 1001 ( for the synth bassline, Waka X's Rorang 3 is the guitarist sound ( through automated Pshyft effect; Pluggotic's NanoX2 with automated scene morph through dingmod!01, & TalkingNumbers, rockstarfx's Oscimakermatic through Novuzeit's Motile Middle section is modulated by automated Ugo's Tunguka & dover666's nonameyet))

8) Scenestar (thanks to Markleford as this song began life as a monthly challenge entry on kvraudio.  The synth bass is a variation on acidose'sxhip VSTi's "mushroom funk" preset, highly recommended)

9) Wormhole Ridgewalker (Vocals - MB's Spaceman, HiLoFi's MultibandRingmod, JK Audio's piczer, TbT's TapeStop, ndc Plug's TempoSynchReverser, arcdev dubbox; MiniBassline VSTi (the almost vocal bassline); Sep VSTi - maR grainfield, dingmod!01 (the high-pitched chirping sound); SynthFM3 VSTi - wakax's statiq, timemangler, Trap4BandsDelay, fat-ass width (the metallic percussive noise); TrapDrumKit VSTi - Edge, LFOModulator, Trap16Delay, maR limiter (the four percussion sounds); Pluggotic's Vektrash VSTi pre-alpha - WTF, ud.reverb.a.filter, fat-ass width (the carnivalesque lead synth)

10) Vox Copuli (all sounds started out as vocal sounds which werer then processed by the following VST effects...]arcdev Skutterbug, arcdev Blittr,]Fat-Ass WTF,]DHSmashbox,]Glaceverb,]PhatBuzzFree,]ShifterBank,]GreaseTube,]Chrissy,]Twox,]Benedict's Orange Juicer,]Mutant Reverb,]Whirlpool)

11) Fizgig  (I lost the production notes to this song, too, but it all started by chaining Snowspell VSTi through Algorithmic Autopanner which is what's going on at the intro.  What a great effect.  The end section is like an impression of tripping in a canoe on a lazy creek of electrified foam laying back and watching binaurally-panned fireworks go off overhead.  Headphone music.)

*bonus tracks*

12) Avuncular Thomist Cabinetry  (one of my first attempts to make avant urban music, conceived for an entire album of such but sidetracked by the making of Biggie Pearl and then losing all of the notes for it... I may find them someday)

13) New-Timey Hollers  (This would have become a song for the main body of Gun At Ear meant to have vocals but, again, too much was lost amongst the many, many project files it took to cobble this song together as my PC couldn't possibly handle but to render one track at a time... Buffer Override and xoxos's pling modeled string VSTi... delicious)

14) Bang-Up  (a demonstration of SKnote's tolc-blocs vocoder in a non-vocal role, namely making a funky e-piano, and a rare example of me attempting to play pentatonic soloing live, rocking the pitch and mod wheels)

15) Banda Id  (my first attempt at making Latin glitch polka, originally planned as a banda-type song for my midget singer partner Lili and I but as in most music I make I ran out of hard drive space, processor power, and time, though it is quite nice as it is.  freezter's Latin percussion free sample pack that he provided on KVR is used in this song)

16) Bogomillipedes  (Eastern polka in an uneven metered polythyrhm with sitar)

17) Trove  (a song I made to thank vurt for all the great music he's given us)

18) Voices In My Head  (another demo song for SKnote's Voices formant synthesizer VSTi)

19) Wingbeats Aflunter  (a little ditty I made with liqih's PingDrum, Ugo's Ironhead morphing drum synth beta and Pluggotic's NanoX2 with instahungle and supatrigga in the mix, as well as Echologist)

20) c0m0 t3 m4m4  (some burbling vocal synth sounds)

21) Bossa Supernova  (EVOL - d'incise HPfilter bpm sync v1.0, d'incise trem bpm sync v1.1, d'incise pulse sync up/down delay; TeraSynVox - d'incise pulseur v2 var4 modulate vca, wakax elekt, RRadioFM+, d'incise random beat effector; Uno FM - d'incise beat detect S&H ring mod & LP filter; Drums - Lost Technology 0.21, d'incise pulse sync S&H ringmod; there's a link to the presets used in making this song on my main googlepage; 4/4, 13/4, 7/4 time sigs)

22) Chickenship (funky lime remix)  (someone else whose music I'm a huge, huge fan of, a one-man-band of guitar,fretless bass, drums, synths, vocals and laptop, and unstoppable uneven metered space prog rock arsenal, funky lime remixed this song of mine long ago, before I even knew his music - you can find links to his music on my main googlepage and you should do so)

23) Zowie Wowie (Laguna Rising remix)  (a remix of my initial sketch of what was to become Bower Pallid) by Laguna Rising when we met up on The Auditorium - the first remix of one of my little ditties, I was quit surprised at how great it is, I laughed my ass off - thanks, Laguna, I still love it)

24) La Charanga Demolicious (liqih remix)  (liqih, someone who's work as both a musician and as a VST developer I greatly admire, came up with this collaboration on my Demolicious, adding Latin piano swinging, Indian vocals, and wooden percussion?!  over some heavy glitch/fsu mayhen?  and yet it works brilliantly - you can find his music through his VST page links)

25) Leck mich im Arsch (Wolfgang A.M. cover)  (a song mocking the French by Wolfie from the unexpurgated canon, #231, performed via midi on physical modelling synths with some added percussion run thorugh the ever-blessed Lost Technology VST)

26) What Predictability? (Full House theme song cover, written by Jesse Frederick & Bennett Salvay) (this is a cover of the song Everywhere You Look, or more properly a desecration of it, made as a demo for the Novuzeit Syntendo chiptune synth VSTi)

27) La Fiesta (Chick Corea cover) (Miles'Tone betas 5, 3, 2 & 1;Richman2; DMI Flute; EVM Bassline 1.1;Balthor Grand; Sax-O-Phunk; Galls'Tone

28) c4c4 d3 m0n0 (RachMiel remix)  (rick scott remixes in his inimicable way and I am surprised and flattered... RachMiel is also he who started the 00Tray netlabel of which I am a member of it's family, see links to rick's and other ooTrayista's music pages on my main page, at the bottom of the lefthand column, though that wasn't even a glimmer in his eye when he remixed this weird little song)

29) Orchestral Bits (a little bit of traditional orchestral arrangement)

30) Dystopian Ekstases  (the very first song I wrote and kept when I was 16, or at least the first 2/5ths of it... the last violin arpeggio of the first part took 9 hours to score... I realized that I could eventually emulate all the music I'd written for real instruments on a PC using virtual ones, but that I had a lot to learn before I tackled all 300 or so of them)


runagate - Driven Under The All-In-Flux

1) Grotta della Pace Discothèque (Vektrash bass vocoded by DtBlkFx; Gallstone PM trumpet; xoxos's bar and orbiter VSTi; Instajungle & about 2 dozen others I can't recall offhand)

2) StageSweeper (Dr-Fusion 2 > MST Warp; EVM Bassline 1.1 > Formant Filter > Badhead > BlueCat Stereo Phaser
Stringy Stringazoide Stringer > Wahfactor > FlybabyBeta > ShonicChorus > & an assload of delays and such plus an Aux Bus with > Mutant Reverb > Danger Flanger; Sax-O-Phunk > Zombie Fungus; DMI Hammer)

3) (s)Narq Hunt (Vektrash (automated x-y morph) Stealth (automated scene morph & x-y) ; Harmoniac VSTi  > Mutant Reverb; (automated warp speed, scartch speed, scratch volume); MarimKa; Dystopia > DtBlkDxStereo (automated harmonic repitch) ; xotica (automated model, mallet & vibrato) ; Modelonia (automated stiffness) ; Full Mix > Radio Gloria, PlogueRebuilder (automated), Vellocet Spectral Shift (automated samples & freq bins))

4) Outrégeous BeehivEeyore (HarpTime Fun demo & Delay Lama L/R hardpanned then > splinetime > SlowBeer > Thaw; The rendered HarpTime/DelayLama track & FL FPC drums hardpanned L/R then > DtBlkFx stereo spectral vocoding > Run-A-Dub > Multiband StereoFaker; FL Beepmap > tweakbench pudding > Heizenbox > AriesVerb 0.3

5) Orphic Dulcet (modelonia, nonameyet, St3pan0va's Sp3ctr3; this song was made in response to RachMiel's challenge to make a song with 1/3 silence and only one layer...well, I failed with the silence part but the one layer concept certainly does show off my automated fx methodology - I listen into mixes so I sometimes forget normal people don't catch all of the crazed animation of sound transformations going on inside my soundscapes whereas this song, dedicated to mr. rick scott/RachMiel, can give you some insight into the complexity of what's going on in these experimental songs)

6) Kludgenik Kibbitzer  (COFx Feed VSTi > SH-1 PhaseSifter> ShonicChorus > dijitizer demo > Solidverb > (rendered then spectrally vocoded by) Ironhead VSTi > Lost Technology > DtBlkFxStereo > StereoStretcher  > SDynamics; at3-Guitar  VSTi > Chime Machine > prob > arcDev Cyclotron X2 > Breather > Shiver VSTi > LFX-1310 > Mr. Mutilator > VowelFilter > JerryDelayV2  > Shocker > BuzzRizerLight > RRadioFM+ > MjRotoDelay; Throat Singing > zGD Fothermucker > udreverbafilter > Trapstr; Oxytocin VSTi > Nilpat)

7) How Much Do I Not Give A? (Liqih's acidlead beta; 7 inch nails; LittleDuck filter; Darkware Glitchtronik; DtBlkFx stereo; Reception; runagate's Free Shoes fsu ; PhatBuzzFree; dover666's QuietXL; Emily ; wakax's Glitcherine; ZombieFungus; efm drumkit; hardwood clave; LittleCritters; Rubbish ; Ziokiller's Sax-O-Phunk)

8) FSUniversity (Motile (Novuzeit FSU multifx) ; LittleDuck (filterbank); Slicer ; Peggy2000 (Rock Hardbuns's wavetable synth) ; Cubix (psychic modulation's groovebox VSTi); marimka (liqih's PM tuned percussion); Thaw (by cornbb) ; Mini-Vyn (chris roberson's VA synth); oxytocin (novaflash's semi-modular virtual analog substractive VSTi synth) ;Transpitch; PanicK; Buffer Freezer ; Slower ; disSolver ; flippertonic3 (wakax's glitch infinite delay) ; BuzzRizerLight (DocBexter's 25-Band Mastering Multiband Compressor) ; Tunguska (Ugo's morphing filter/bitcrush/granulizer) ; Tube Limit; superubbish (spacedad's broken chip synth); quantizer ; Metallurgy (Ugo's super-multi-fx); tb_maelcum (tweakbench's tape delay))

9) Twitch Ritual (made as a demo song celebrating updates to all of tweakbench's classic plug-ins using his vst instruments: carillon ; dropout ; field ; minerva ; monomate ; padawan ; papaya ; peach ; pippo ; rebar ; ritual ; tapeworm ; toad ; triforce ; and his vst effects: breakdown ; cairo ; grumblebum ; maelcum ; mashup ; pudding ; sideslip)

10) Peaking In Sponge (Novuzeit's The Hands Of Darkness Clenched > runagate's Narcissus + Echo > dover666's resinmental; dover666's Secowbell (automated decay) & Gregjazz's Clap VSTi (automated variance) > BJ Wavechanger 3; (automated octave) > arcDev Ghidrah (midi note control + automated pitch) > MB-plugin's SynceDelay > cornb's Thaw (automated most parameters) > dover666's Quiet; EVM Incubus & tweakbench's dropout > martin-brinkmann's morf1 > Darrell Tam's DtBlkFxStereo > DtBlkFxMono (automated spectral effects) > AriesCode's AriesVerb 0.3 (automated degrees, time and other parameters); KarmaFx Synth > wakax's Minnie Mouse > NUSofting's Kaotica (automated manual encryption); Gregjazz's Throat Singing (automated overtone pitch, Khoomei type and Harmonic Intensity) & FPC > DtBlkFxStereo > ConcreteFX's LowBit > Antress's ModernCompressor > Odo's myfx afm > Preamp VST > braindoc's Stereo-Flanger > daicehawk's TubeDriver VST > BJ Wavechanger 3 (automated octave);
Transvaal Audio's Lost Technology; Liqih's Acidome beta > Ugo's Rez 2.0 > darkware's Mister Mutilator > Ugo's Metallurgy > elogoxa's Kriptonia (encryption automated); KarmaFx Synth second > wakax's Minnie Mouse (automated harmonies) > Novuzeit's Motile (automated x-y controls) > NUSofting's Kaotica (automated many parameters); BuzzRizerLight was used to mix the spectrally-vocoded Throat Singing/FPC drums track and the final mixdown.)

*bonus tracks*

11) Prosperity Laptop  (searching out some new, uneasy atmospheres, the first little track I made with my laptop which added .8 GHz power to my musical life)

12) Entre To Furthering  (a glitch fanfare of dub, hail the animatronic emperor)

13) Muph  (the kind of cabaret act I always imagined discovering in a cellar, a psychedellic speakeasy, after running from pod people)

14) PDTP  (this song is notable as being one of the few that has live playing by me on it; almost every note on all three albums is scored with a mouse in a piano roll)

15) Ball Sequence  ( is the link for Upland Toys' BallSequencer VSTi of which this song is a demonstration, in effect it makes a bouncing ball rhythm midi trigger for whatever instrument you assign to it)

16) Aisha Minor  (Carl Stalling and Persian Love Songs) 

17) Symptohmatic Beats  (I got to make this using the Symptohm:Melohman granular synth in a studio and emailed it to myself from their workstation... I really wish I owned this plug-in)

18) Little Meese Turn Guitar  (a bit of my guitar playing) 

19) Stride Up In It  (swaggering jazz, an old song from when I was learning PC music) 

20) Sawn Snog  (an experiment in my obsession with automated FSU fx and physically modeled virtual instruments being similarly automated to morph, this is a "glitch gamelan" of sorts, a hypnotic maximalist meditation - the effect on the "guitar" at the end is Jack Dark's least-understood VST - not even he understands it - Mr. Mutilator)

21) Vektrashed  (a demonstration of the X-Y vector-morph capabilities of Vektrash VSTi made by my friend C.d.P., maker of Pluggotic's VSTs - another person whose music you should check out on my links area)

22) WetWare  (a quite early song I made, before any songs on Biggie Pearl, yet that I still love for both swinging ans splashing organically)

23) Neuro-Romance À Clef  (originally meant to be a song for Biggie Pearl, it didn't end up on there because a) everyone hates it; b) I'd already filled up all 80 minutes of a CD; c) I lost all the original projects and only had mp3s to work from; d) it was way too much for my old 1 Ghz Pentium III pc to handle... so I present it to you in it's deviant form here... there's clarinet and android bleeps)

24) Spartacus vs. You(a little joke on a fellow muso netizen, it's a famous movie speech run though a heavy-handed Novuzeit/Jack Dark FSU effect carousel)

25) Space Music for Choral Group  (For this song I have my friend Pam Guthrie to thank, who asked me to make an "ambient space music track" for her to record a reading over... well, the producer rejected this version, saying it sounded like "worms coming out of the ground" - well, as this is one of my most restrained songs ever I though that wasn't such a good sign, especially since I think that's a great review.  I still owe her an ambient track but due to events beyond my control this isn't possible for the near future... as per her request, this song has biofeedback effects in it  provided by Ultradeia VSTi - and may induce strange dreams should it cause you to sleep)