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jellyfish beta presets batch 4

moppel's Sonitarium v1.0 preset nak 1

octav8r runagate presets bank1

Ironhead1.5presets batch

40 metamorph VSTi

isnonu VSTi presets version 1





Patch Bank for Odo's Kick Me Too VSTi

Lost Technology VST presets

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SKnote Voices presets #1

SKnote Voices presets #3

SKNote Voices presets #4

Novuzeit The Hands Of Darkness Clenched VSTi presets

liqih's Acidome VSTi default runagate presets

liqih's Acidome additional preset bank

"Boss Supernova" assorted VST presets

Ugo's Ironhead morphing drum synth presets

dover666 nonameyet vst presets

dover666 S&H Machine VST presets

dover666 soundkill semi-auto VST presets

dover666 prob VST presets

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Note that I know nothing of web design nor do I particularly care what this page looks like.

Remember to check out the sites of my online musician friends down on the bottom of the left-hand column.  They're the best examples of what kind of music is now suddenly possible with all these new computer music-making tools we have.

Here's a link back to KVR forums' my latest topics since that's where you probably found this link and certainly where I'm returning after I check on things here.

March 15th, 2007

I have a homesite at last, thanks to justin3am who provided me with a subdomain on

the offical runagate website

November 30th, 2007

All new mp3 links posted over here for now:

fetchingly bonkers googlepage

November 23rd, 2007

New song time.  Missed out on the turkey day festivities through various snafus (I'm a USAer and it's always nice to join my fellow indigents in sitting alone on a holiday, though this year I got to make a song).  Here it is:

runagate - Blaspheromone

VSTs used:

doveraudio beta onion VSTi > midiWah > Envfilter > d'incise multiPB1 > doveraudio 6xod antihuman edition > multi modulator > Combscape demo > deavl.triptych > ModernVGME > dfx Transverb

Sputnik > d'incise multidelayPB 1.2 > Binaural Simulator > ADopplerEn > d'incise LPfilter bpm sync v1.0 > jb PC-2 psychoacoustic compressor > dubbox

kl tract > BuzMaxi3 > Stepcomb > Buffer Freezer > Z-FilterDub > SpexSpatial > Blockfish

noisemo > daevl.threep > doveraudio Quiet > Binaural Simulator > Danger Flanger > Daisypusher Extended

Grizzly > d'incise LPfilter bpm sync 1.0 > Classic Reverb > Lost Technology > SpexSpatial > Spex Transient > Overtone GEQ

Master Bus > Ferox > Overtone GEQ > PC-2 > BuzMaxi3

November 22nd, 2007

Here's a shoddy payapl link for buying a runagate album from me.

I have a lightscribe CD burner, so it'll look wicked sweet.

Just hit the donate button, add your shipping address and leave me a personalized note so I know who it's for.

I won't actually know how much it costs to ship a CD somewhere until I try it, nor how much making a little liner note sleeve will cost, so I'm not sure what the minimum "donation" will be yet - any guinea pigs?  Let me know in your note whether you want a "Voidoid" or "ew" lightscribe pic on the disc - or both, if you want 2 CDs.  I certainly have enough songs for 2.


NEWS November 20th, 2007

Two new songs today:


This is a downtempo little ditty which shows off the possibilities of a new type of dub delay on the snare, and dsp so lucisous on the Hardwood Clave that it sounds like an electric splash of mind jello.  A huge amount of processing went into trying to solidify the mix into a cohesive sound space, as there's a lot going on which conflicts with one another.  Binaural 3D fx which pan upwards and downwards in the depth of field help out a lot.

VSTs used / signal chain

Side Stick, Tom, Ride Cymbal > Hula > SpexSpatial > SpexEnhancer > SpexTransient > Stereo-Enhancer

Hardwood Clave > Geometer > daevl.threep > sp3crt3 > daevl.triphase > SpexTransient > AriesVerb 0.4 > 3D DMP > Compressive

Hi-Hat > Z-BandSpin

Snare > daevl.sixcylinder.twoshot

Kick > 50 Hz Kicker

Crash > Dronebox > daevl.sixcylinder > Stereo-Enhancer

Drum Aux > MdspDuckVerb > Spexnhancer > SpexSpatal > Binaual Smlatr

Raspier > Helian 2ndBass > DepthII > Stereo-Enhancer > daevl>sixcylinder > Binaural Simulator

Janus > PolyComb > TimeFrame > SSP Mix > Beatfckr > Delta Space > Rescue

 Master Bus > Ferox > PC2 psychoacoustic compressor > BuzzRizer2 > Overtone GEQ > BuzzMaxi3 > Compressive


Here's an attempt at making music for my new live electronic band.  I went a little overboard and it's not exactly just backing tracks.  Judicious use of gating effects, including doveraudio's STFU, give a lot of the rhythmic characteristics to this song.

VSTs used /signal chain:

Grizzly > dfx Rez Synth > AriesVerb 0.4

rain & thunder > mini Voctopus > daevl.noise.pitched > MidiStutter > DeadringerX3 >: BuzMaxi3

Vectrave > daevl>cerberus.bite > daevl.triphase.isolate > 2-Thi > d'incise trem bpm sync v1.1

Cluster > STFU > daevl.triphase.isolate

WaveSphere > mjRotoDelay

Master Bus > Compressive > PolyComb > 0-X Maximizer

NEWS November 18th, 2007

A teaser of music for my new band:  bass, organ and drums, with no melting fx chains!


NEWS November 16th, 2007

I'm linking a new song I made last night which is an experiment in vocoding drums, a circuit-bending plug-in, spectal monkeying with synth claps and some rhythmic fx tomfoolery with a great spectral filter making an overtone melody atop the normal pitch of an instrument.


VSTs used in this sonic peristalsis:

Altostratus & FPC > Mini Voctopus > Multiband Stereofaker > Metallurgy > minitorn > minisoundkill

Stealth > Speak&Pluck > Spattle

Clapofluxury > Spactral Monkeyage stereo > Daisypusher > Smear Campaign

JBM Digiwave > Rhythmic Tangent > qWarpFilter >

NEWS November 13th, 2007

Here's a demo tune I made for Ugo's upcoming updates to Ironhead morphing drum synth, Metallurgy multifx, Tunguska multifx and the beta to M-theory, a brilliant physical model string synth.


Here's the signal chain/VST list:

FL BooBass > Metallurgy 1.5 beta

Ironhead 1.5 Beta > Rescue > AriesVerb 0.4

M-theory beta > Rescue > SH-1 Delay

Benedict Roff-Marsh SSP Cluster VSTi > Solidverb > Tunguska > Bouncing ball delay

NEWS November 11th, 2007

Experimenting with DSP I made this little ditty.

The lead synth is Mr. Alias VSTi


NEWS October 30th, 2007

I made some user profiles for my Belkin Nostromo Speedpad N52 for the DAWs I use:  FLStudio, Usine, and Reaper.





(the last link is to the keymap file for Reaper's shortcuts, it's the default key mapping plus some macros I entered which are mapped to the Nostromo but without this file the extra shortcut commands wouldn't do anything)

NEWS October 30th, 2007

In addition to me, a touschreen monitor GUI Midi player, and a keyboard player today I was contacted via the internet by one of the most incredible uneven-meter drummers in my city saying, "I'm your new drummer" inasmuch as a Trigger Finger midi drum pad instrument is a drum.  I'm damned excited.

Here's a loop I made (acidized for those who care to use that functionality).  I'm only making incidental bits of music while preparing my live band as I'm still fully involved in sound design preset creation for a bunch of VST developers.


Here's the VST signal chain used:

xoxo's urom > keFIR 2 channel > Transilient > Stereo Enhancer > C3 Multiband Compressor

Ironhead 1.5 beta > FL Reeverb 2 > 3D DMP > Stereo-Enhancer

Oli Larkin's Groove Modulator > d'incise pulser v2 var4 > CoFX SpectRing > Rezon8 > BuzzRizer2 > SSP BandWerks > Metallurgy 1.5 > Binaural Simulator

mastering: C3 Multiband Compressor

NEWS October 23rd, 2007

I made a song which started out as a demo for Benedict Rolf-Marsh's Synth Studio Packs but took a turn into soundscape madness.  I've uploaded the song, and all of the tracks that comprise the song in .wav format (warning: the wavs are very large!).  Feel free to download them and use them in any way you wish, just please contact me over on KVR with a link of what you've made so I can hear it, too.  The 7zip program I used to break up the .wavs into .zip archived named them weird things - the extensions end in .zip.001, .zip002, etc.  I've no idea what'll happen if you try to unpack them.  Manually re-naming them made them unzippable with 7zip on my PC, but unpacking them with 7zip as-is, with the weird extansion names intact, worked just fine.

runagate - Cleft Emulsion mp3

I've included a text describing the VST plug-ins used and how the signal chains were used to design the sounds in the song.

Cleft Emulsion signal chain text

Here's the complete set of wav tracks.  Remember, they must all be selected and decompressed as one group:

Cleft tracks archive 1

Cleft tracks archive 2

Cleft tracks archive 3

Cleft tracks archive 4

Cleft tracks archive 5

Cleft tracks archive 6

NEWS October 22nd, 2007

Audio clips from last night's sound design projects.

I love my new PC/hardware controler set-up!




NEWS October 16th, 2007

Whoa!  It's been a while since I had any news.

I spent the last 2 nights designing patches for de la mancha, a freeware VST developer whose plug-ins I dearly love.  Here's a little loop as a preview.  It's a subtractive synth with wavemorphing and a lot of other cool features I don't want to spoil here.

Also involved were erratic (random drum machine VSTi), Ugo's Ironhead (morphing drum synth), daevlplug's hilbertspace fx (and, yes, I questioned my beliefs while using it as per the EULA), xoxo's channelswap (a sort of insane autopan) and some FL multiband compression.


NEWS July 18th, 2007

Justin, aka 3am, someone of whose music I'm a huge of, has just released what started as a remix of my Ciselante Dirigible but ended up being a masterful re-working and something that, even after only 5 listens (in a row, mind you, I can't stop listening!) I'm totally in love with.  Behold Plague Locked Loop by 3am:

NEWS July 5th, 2007

Here's a nifty ditty, a happy-go-lucky number for the kids:


NEWS June 28, 2007

gigawatt, aka pattonfreak on KVR, sent out a call for remixes.
Well, my laptop simply isn't powerful enough to pull off what I had in mind.

It's close, but micro-editing parameter automation on 27 tracks, even rendering them all the time
apparently is too much for my hapless PC.

Here's the un-mastered result:


NEWS June 23, 2007

Posted new patchbanks for PhysiX and Richman2 physical modeled synthisizers over there on the left column.

PhysiX is by Obertone

Richman2 is by the always-genius krakli!

Both are freeware VSTi.

NEWS June 17, 2007

3am, who recently did an absolutely brilliant job remixing some music I made, made available material of his to remix.  It only took 3 days from awakening to sleeping working full overtime to produce this mindnumbing remix.  It would have been crazier but my laptop had a nervous breakdown from the gajillion VSTfx and parameter automations in 21 consecutive versions and bounces:

3am + runagate - Delphic High Remix

So here's justin3am's remix, as well as Jazzyspoon's, another friend from KVR, remix of my same music.  It's interesting to see what they did and I'm impressed how Jazzy brought out the hidden ragga within the audio I uploaded.  Their homesites are linked below, too:

No Way No How (3am remix)

3am's homesite

NO WAY NO HOW (the Jazzyspoon Runadub Remix)

Jazzyspoon's homesite


There's a little media player applet way down at the bottom of this page which will play my most recent tracks, one of which is actually a nice, civilian-friendly song that even people who haven't gone mad on mescaline can enjoy

As is true of many such things on the internet, allowing the song to pre-load a little before actually trying to listen to it helps - hit play then after a little loads move the progress bar back a bit so that the part is playing prior to the part that's still loading.

NEWS June 14, 2007

Decided to make a dance track to help people exercize to:


Oh, yes, and also this I made in hopes of inspiring a collaboration.

Dunno wtf I was thinking on that one...

runagate - Nubbin Stampede

NEWS June 12, 2007

Here's my entry for the June 2007 KVR song contest:


Here's the freeware VSTs I used to make the track:

Rhythms v3.6 > Broadcast Processor (sp3crt3 on KMT Synth drum)

e-phonic Solo String & Richman2 > Bouncy

Gargoyle > Nulear Cranium > Madshifta > nonameyet > Drum Mic Positioner Stereo

Rorang3 > qWarpFilter > Kriptonia > Envelope Designer > Barricade > doversstutterer > Stereo-Enhancer

Master Bus: Shattershot Lite > TLs Pocket Limiter

NEWS June 9, 2007

Happy Birthday to my favorite white girl!

Check my myspace page for a link to her page and see the comments - it's worth the trip to see the awful picture!  Here's a little demo song to promote the Audio Garden's new free patch downloading feature:


PhysiX VSTi > Fragulator > Beatfckr

Richman2 VSTi > Reverb-O-Matic

Cubix > Vibrato Cauldron

plus Braindoc's Stereo-Enhancer

promoting free patchbanks at:

Audio Garden Free Patch download

NEWS May 20, 2007

Day 3 of sleep deprivation.

Here's a little demo for dover's midi stutter plug-in:


NEWS May 19, 2007

A beauty that pierces is the pinprick on consciousness for those of whom have slipped the noose of hypnosis.


NEWS May 18, 2007

Here's something I'm working on that I'm actually going to try to make into music civilians would want to listen to:



NEWS May 15, 2007

Something fairly straightforward and funky I'm working on:


NEWS May 13, 2007

For Mom's Day here's some Soundtrack-IDM


VST effect chain:

Drum samples > E-Phonic LoFi > d'incise sync up/down delay
Gargoyle VSTi > mb's Mashit > pfilter > Drum Mic Positioner
Texture VSTi > dualdelaycloud > 2WarpDelay

Oh yeah I made this one, too:


NEWS May 12, 2007

The results of my experiment today, utilizing the plug-in chains:

cylinder VSTi > CopyShop > Gum

Mr. Alias VSTi > pitchfork 1.4 > Zero SpShift

Saxi Player 1.01 VSTi > Zero Ringer

Analog Warfare VSTi > Metallurgy > Flange Mayhem


NEWS May 9, 2007

Another motiveless lob at the KVR monthly contest:


Foorius VSTi > Mettalurgy > Grancomp3

BrushStrokes VSTi > qWarpFilter

Heavee Plastique VSTi


NEWS May 4, 2007

OK here's another example of me at play, excited about getting back into making avant pop by, stubbornly, making twitchy nonsense.  I am experimenting with composing for redirecting attention from foreground to background and inciting consciousness to notice compositional elements that wouldn't ordinarily catch the notice of the layperson:



NEWS May 3, 2007

I'm finally back online with an operating laptop (more powerful than ever) and online.  Here's my first sonic glop of nonsense in celebration of being able to make noise again after almost a half a year in abeyance:


Addendum:  rachMiel, creator of ooTray and netifriend, managed to post this lyrical remix of the song less than half a day later:


NEWS February 13, 2007

I'm in a new town, creating a new music production set-up using Usine and live looping of vocalizations effected by VSTs automated live, with a new music-making partner.

The news is that there's 3 mp3-playing widgets at the bottom of the page if you scroll down, free and easy to make like this googlepage here, from  Obviously I'm no web designer so I love stuff like this.  45 songs you can stream from this pageº¡¡º

NEWS Decemer 30, 2006

Here's the links from my CD release party.
runagate 3 CD release listening party

runagate album notes page

Song Links as my file hosting sucks







NEWS October 19, 2006

I just had a Synthedit license donated to me!

So hopefully my obsession with creating physically modeled VSTfx will come to fruition soon.

I also posted a new song on my BriarmonSmetrach5 myspace page (link over there to the left)

NEWS November 10, 2006

I've got (edit: several new songs) for download here:

BriarmonSmetrach5 myspace blog

NEWS November 15, 2006

rachMiel has invited his zirkler friends to join him in the netlabel he is creating:

The site is currently under construction but as it seems I may not be on the web for a while I thought I'd post the new now.

I also added an mp3 player of a bunch of my more recent songs to my main myspace page:

NEWS December 15th, 2006

rachMiel has invited polyslax to join the ooTray family!

His homepage url is over there in the left column. I love his music!

Also, I've been hatching plans for my local CD release party (which is funny, to sell actual physical CDs). I've got 3 whole albums bursting with avant-psychedellic soundscapes. I'm doing this in hopes of raising enough money to get a powerful enough PC to power my live band which will be playing a much more souped-up brand of runagate avant pop. A pipe dream? Perhaps. Tis the season for charity, though, and I've got some wicked personel in mind.

Many of my colleagues on KVR have contributed album/liner art to this 3 CD release and you can take a peek at the pics on my BriarmonSmetrach5 myspace page. Scroll down, it's on a slideshow there on the right, above the fractal veggies.