Differential Temperature Controller - myDTC

I looked at the current devices on the market and decided I could build one myself that was better
and cheaper from scratch.   Here is a picture of a prototype myDTC test controller I built along with
the temperature sensors.  The prototype works great.  It was built 2/6/10 in about 4 hours.

This is a picture the myDTC Deluxe PCB version I made and 4 myTS temperature sensors. 

External Link to myDTC Website for more information and pricing:


Basic Specifications for the myDTC Deluxe Differential Temperature Controller ($69):

1.  8 Temperature Sensor Inputs
2.  2 Differential Temperature Controllers that run DTC, HEAT, or COOL modes
3.  2 10Amp Relay Outputs (AC or DC loads, independent)
4.  Programmable Set Points for all Relay Outputs including Freeze Protection and OverTemp Limits
5.  RS-232 Interface for Configuring, Real Time Temperature Logging, Data Acquisition, and Relay Control
6.  Reports of All Temperature Sensors / Outputs Hour Meter
7.  EEPROM for storing all parameters
8.  LEDs for showing output states
9.  Support for low cost temperature sensors ($6.25 each)
10.  12VDC operation, < 1 watt power consumption with both relays active

Block Diagram of myDTC Ultra Differential Temperature Controller

External Link to myDTC Website for more information and pricing: