Oxytocin is the chemical of love. When we are feeling "love", our brains release oxytocin and create downstream reactions that result in strong memories that strengthens bonding. Humans release oxytocin during intercourse, which makes us instantly bond with those that we have intimate physical relations with. But be warned, this "love" is not all it takes to have a healthy and long lasting relationship (chocolate is also required!)

My Oxytocin

(5 pts) Go to molview.org, and load up the molecule "Oxytocin". Using the create molecules feature, make a "I love you" banner in atoms. Try to follow bonding rules (Carbon has 4 bonds, Oxygen has 2 bonds, Halogens have 1 bond) and take a picture of your finished picture!

(5 pts) Create a Google Slide presentation with at least 5 pictures of your loved one. Post the slides here!