Nitrogen is the primary component of our atmosphere. Other air particles include O2, CO2, H2O and trace amounts of other elements.

Nitrogen gas moves randomly, acted upon by lots of individual forces. When moving N2 collides into another gas molecule, it transfers some of that kinetic energy to the next molecule. If lots of gas molecules are moving in response to a single force, it creates a wave of molecules. These waves of gas molecules are how we perceive sound. Without atmospheric gases like Nitrogen, we would have no sound. Sound doesn't travel in space for this reason.

My Sounds (5 pts)
Create an homage to your favorite sounds. Insert at least 2 images (Album art) and 3 embedded YouTube videos for full credit.
These were my first 2 albums (I was 11). I've been a fan of rap, rock, and pretty much everything in between since.

My first concert was a show by The Mars Volta. Their music can seem a bit off the wall, similar to the nonsensical lyrics of Pink Floyd. Bilingual education is a priority here at Sylmar, so see if you can translate the Spanish in the video above.

I don't think I would have the same love education if not for my taste in music. My aspirations stem from the wise words of Kanye, as seen in these 3 skits on The College Dropout. Always pursue those degrees

YouTube Video

I also have an extensive collection of records that we listen to, from Zeppelin to ELO to Earth, Wind, and Fire...

Sometimes you need just need some good background music to match your environment. Post a playlist you have created for something, either studying or for a party. Follow the instructions here for embedding a playlist in your site:

Here is the playlist we used for our Halloween Party:

Halloween Playlist