Glucose is one of the primary chemicals from which we obtain metabolic energy. By breaking down the chemical bonds in Glucose, chemical potential energy is released. We couple this energy release with various enzymes and substrates to create the energy storage molecule, ATP.

Without ATP, our cells could not function. Motility, active transport, and many other chemical processes are all dependent on ATP. Glucose is the preferred molecule to jump start the ATP building process. Most alternative carbohydrates (like Lactose or Fructose) are transformed into Glucose in order to be used by most tissue in the body.

My Chemical Energy

We consume Glucose on a daily basis, and much of our society revolves around this wonderful molecule. We have to eat for energy, but how we package and deliver this molecule to our cells is up to us. Demonstrate some of the ways you consume glucose!  

1) Show your favorite foods with pictures (2 pts)

I love strong flavors and spices. My favorite 3 cuisines and some of my favorite dishes...

A. Thai (Pad Thai, Tom Kha, Panang Curry, Massaman Curry, Satay, and Thai Ice Tea top the list!)

B. Vietnamese (Pho, Bahn Mi)

C. Cuban (Cubano Sandwhiches, Croquetas)

2) A link to your daily food log nutrition sheet from Lab 4 (2 pts)

Brian Smith Nutritional Sheet

3) Include a recipe for a dish that you have followed or made. If you take culinary class next year, you better make this dish! (1 pt)

One of the more difficult items to make are meringues, since you must beat the egg-whites to fluffy peaks. If any yolk gets into the white, the fat prevents this from happening. Don't mess up your yolk separation! Lemon meringue pie is one of the more common Meringue recipes I've made many times: