Winter tutorial

Easy instructions to give your windows desktop a wintery look... 

     Go from this:

    To This:

    • Find a nice winter background and set that as your desktop background.



    • Use a program like Iconoidto hide your icons, then hide iconoid.



    • Use the print screen key to take a picture of it and paste it into an image editor, I will be using paint shop pro in this tutorial.



    •  Go back yo your desktop.  show your icons again and then set the desktop to "none".



    • Print screen key again and paste it into the editor. 



    •  Use the color replacement tool to make the colors of the blue background and the icons contrast more.



    •  Copy the icon image, paste it as a transparent selection in the background image (NOTE: the background color select must be that cyan color to do the transparancy correctly).   Then, cut the transparent selection.



    • Then paste, as new images, the cut icons three times.



    •  The first new icon image, do a motion blur to 15 pixels at an angle of 135.



    •  Do a motion blur of 15 pixels at an angle of 45 to the second icon image.



    •  Copy the second new icon image and paste as a new layer in the first new icon image.



    •  Next, copy the third new icon image and paste that as a new layer in the first new icon image.  All three images should now be together.



    •  Merge all visible layers in the first new icon image.



    •  Gaussian blur that first new icon image by 2.




    • Copy that image and paste it as a new layer in the background image.




    •  Select layer 1 on that background image.


    •  Next, pick the paint brush and change the foreground slot to a gradient.




    •  Edit the gradient and turn it into a radial ramp.  Then edit that so that the transparency goes from 0%(left) to 100%(right).  Set nice gray to white colors for the gradient.



    •  hold and do NOT let go of the left mouse button until you paint the whole thing, otherwise it will overlap itself...  This will add a nice fog effect to the side of your monitor.



    •  There, save the picture and set it as your desktop...