D. Brian Shumway

Firearms Training Instructor

A well regulated milita, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. 

 Second Amendement of the U.S. Constitutuion

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As Americans we enjoy a fundamental right to keep and bear arms that our forefathers ensured to us through constitutional action and by  payment of the ultimate sacrafice. May we never forget such a costly and sacred gift. It is now our watch, and we must be ever vigilent so as to ensure the unfettered continuance of this personal freedom.

Through training, education and active participation in the political process we can ensure that the right to keep and bear arms will remain a heritage that can be passed down to future generations. Sadly, there are those in this great country  who oppose such freedoms. As gun owners, it is our solemn responsibility to remain steadfast and educate these individuals through our  example and persistence.

Whether your interets include hunting, target shooting, sporting clays, training in the defensive use of firearms, etc. take a firearms class soon and get to the range. For new shooters and seasoned vets alike, there are firearms training programs available to hone your gun handling skills and shooting accuracy. Join a local, state or national firearms organization and above all get involved!

In the column on the right, I have attached several web links to some of the more prominent and respected firearms organizations that I associate with and/or have membership in. 



Mr. Shumway has completed numerous firearms training courses and has obtained instructor certifications from the California Department of Justice, the National Rifle Association and the California Department of Fish and Game.  Mr. Shumway has also completed firearms instructor development courses through Front Sight Firearms Training Institute and has assisted there in firearms training for submachinegun and handgun. Mr. Shumway has completed Executive Protection and Bodyguard training through Top Gun and J. A. LaSorsa & Associates (a former Secret Service agent and presidential bodyguard).  Mr. Shumway has also completed  Police Officers Standard of Training (PC 832) in Arrest and Control/Firearms through the Riverside County Sheriff's Department. Mr. Shumway holds a valid CCW Permit that is recognized in over 30 states across the USA. 


Currently, Mr. Shumway offers private firearms training instruction to individuals or small groups in such disciplines as: handgun, rifle, shotgun along with personal protection, defensive tactics, threat assessment, the combat mindset and the color code of awareness that was made popular by the late Col. Jeff Cooper.

Mr. Shumway is also a Certified Range Safety Officer through the National Rifle Association and provides training to local Boy Scout Troops and Camps as a merit badge counselor for shotgun and rifle shooting. Mr. Shumway is a proud supporter and member of:


Membership and active participation in other organizations dedicated to the right to keep and bear arms along with responsible firearms training and continuing education is necessary for the retention of our precious 2nd Amendment rights.  


  An armed society is a very polite society.


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DISCLAIMER: Mr. D. Brian Shumway and/or his associates provide instruction in the defensive, practical and tactical use of firearms and other potentially lethal weaponry. Safe gun handling skills and the responsible use of firearms are always top priorities and never comprimised.  Mr. Shumway provides private instruction in only the legal use of these tools and devices and has no affiliation with, nor does he endorse subversive entitites or overt acts against the United States of America or it's citizens. Any and all instruction or training provided by Mr. Shumway is done in accordance with local, state and federal laws. Mr. Shumway will not train any foreign or domestic entity that may/could pose a threat to the security of the United States of America. Furthermore, Mr. Shumway reserves the right to refuse or cease further training to any individual or group at his sole discretion. Background checks for class participants from the DOJ may be required in advance of training and shall be provided at the sole expense of the attendee. A statement of No Criminal Convictions that would prevent the attendee from owning or using a firearm will be required in advance of any live-fire instruction.