*** = trade pending

DONRUSS Error/Variation Cards Needed
1988 543B Morrison COR (decimal INCLUDED in career bat avg)
1989 600B Checklist 578-660 (635 Curt Schilling spelled with a "C", BC1 - BC26 not listed)
1990 200B Checklist 126 - 223
1990 700A Checklist 640 - 715 & BC1 - BC26 listed (THIS CARD DOES NOT HAVE #716 ON IT)

FLEER Error/Variation Cards Needed
1981 645B Mike Schmidt COR (card # IS on back)
1982 438A Al Hrabosky (Name spelled "All" on the back and height listed as 5'1")
1988 113B Garth Iorg COR (not Iorq)
1990 353A Dave Martinez (yellow '90 after Fleer on front)
1990 660B Checklist (normal print on URH corner on front, this is the LARGER font, not the smaller)

TOPPS Error/Variation Cards Needed

1980 387A Fred Stanley (name in yellow on front)
1989 594B Jimy Williams MG COR (blue not white above letter "J" in Jays)
1991 656B Checklist ERR (433 Vincent Palacios)
1991 656C Checklist ERR (438 Vincent Palacios)
1991 692A Efrain Valdez ERR (Born 6/11/66, not July)

SCORE Error/Variation Cards Needed

1989 654A Wade Boggs (seaason mispelled in text on back)

UD Error/Variation Cards Needed 
1989 321A Gary Varsho ERR
1989 628A Fred Manrique (Ozzie Guillen throwing on back of card)