I'm a lecturer in philosophy at the University of EdinburghMy research interests centre around language, logic, and semantics. This includes interest in indexicality and context-dependence, modal, temporal, and epistemic logics, two-dimensionalism, dynamic semantics, the semantics of names, variables, quotation, and epistemic discourse, and the semantic paradoxes. At a more general level I'm interested in issues in semantic metatheory, including the exact theoretical relationship between natural language semantics and the broader theory of communication.

I did my Ph.D. in philosophy at the Australian National University. My dissertation project was on foundational issues in compositional semantics and context-dependence, under the supervision of David ChalmersI'm also interested in the traditional philosophical problems and so spend time thinking about various puzzles and paradoxes having to do with truth, time, knowledge, and minds.


In progress 
  • A solution to the problem of recurring demonstratives and its application to anaphora [w/ B. Pickel & J. Dever] (under review)
  • How to Dummett a Frege-Geach (in progress)

  • The Science of Meaning (in preparation), edited volume [w/ Derek Ball] under contract at Oxford University Press.


keywords: brian rabern, rabern, context, index, rayburn, monsters, variables, logic, shifting, sensitivity, logic, philosophy

iron triangle of the variable