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my goodies.

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if you have somehow stumbled upon my wedding planning page, do NOT look any further!! divert thy eyes immediately!



here's what you're gonna find here...

--hair and makeup trial


--my shoes!

--inspiration and ideas





 hair and makeup trial 12/14/08:

our epics were on the same day, so i decided to get my trial taken care of so i could look snazzy for our photos. for the record, here's what i usually look like:

except i'm not usually drinking a pitcher of screwdriver...

but as you can see, i wear minimal makeup... just eyeshadow/eyeliner, mascara, and i fill in my brows (can't really tell from that picture). i wanted my eyes to be defined, but the rest of the makeup to look natural. i was pretty happy with the results:

you're getting veeerrryyyy slllleeeppppyyyy...

hair-- wanted half up, half down, with cascading curls... which i didn't specify at the trial. it still turned out nicely, but i'm gonna go for a look similar to the hair inspiration pictures at the bottom of my page (a la carrie underwood):

with my mantilla/drop veil hybrid (and DIY hairflower! only $4, folks!):

and with my birdcage:

so yay! overall, i was very pleased... the aftermath was not pretty, though! 45 bobby pins and my hair was so teased, i could've passed for diana ross' long-lost asian neice.

and 12 hours later, after running around angels stadium, our old high school, and old towne orange for epics, here's how everything looked:





 it's here! 11/13/08:

so i ordered my dress at the end of july '08 and the gown wasn't supposed to be finished until january '09.  to my surprise, i received an email from debra @ dori anne veils in early november to let me know that the dress was here! she shipped the gown to FI's office and i had to wait ALL DAYYYY to come home and take a look at it!  i ripped open the box like a kid on christmas and the dress was EXACTLY how i remembered it from trying it on at another salon (just... cleaner. none of those weird gray stains that always end up on sample dresses...

here's the boy, holding my dress hostage at his desk!!

i like your package ;)

it's a pretty small box for a decent-sized gown, but debra packaged it perfectly! i don't have any pictures of me opening the box because i couldn't let FI in our bedroom while i was taking out my dress... i tried it on (well, as much as i could without doing any of the corset ties) and pranced around for a little bit before putting it back in the garment bag and sliding it underneath our bed.

so YAY! dress is here!  and it seems to fit perfectly.  with the right pair of heels, i won't even need to have it altered! AWESOME.



the dress:

so after checking out david's bridal in brea, alfred angelo in brea, lifetime weddings in westminster, a gripload of little saigon bridal shops, mariposa bridal in anaheim, and mary me bridal in orange, i've finally found "the dress."  i threw all of my requirements out the window (especially the <$500 price tag) and found a gown that i actually like! who would've thunk?!

my bridesmaids and i went to mariposa bridal (anaheim) and mary me bridal (orange) on friday, july 18 and i found the "THE DRESS" at mary me... then i went to show my mom the gown today and my consultant convinced me to try on another dress... but i still was diggin' the original. here she is, in all her sirty-sample-size glory.

my dress (maggie sottero "vernice"):

i'm lovin' the little sweep train and criss-cross-y action on the bodice. i think it needs to be hemmed just a bit (unless i wear 7" heels) and a dainty little french bustle is all i need. i was thinking about adding some lace as a layer underneath the train (so it peeks out from under the gown?), but not so sure anymore.  trying to keep my post-purchase alterations to a minimum.


and just for fun, these dresses made me look like a hot mess:




first fitting:

 so... i think i gained some weight since the time i bought my dress, but it still looks good, IMO (hahaha). just need to lose about 5 pounds and i'll be at the same weight when i initially tried on the gown.  YAY! 


first... with the bolero:

next, without the bolero:

close up of the cleavage to determine whether i need to wear a bra or not...


my shoes!!

 got these beauties at the off broadway shoe near FI's apartment... they're FIVE INCHES TALL. haha. they aren't *too* uncomfortable, but i need to wear them around the house more so my feet don't cramp up and die on the big day!


the veil:

i'm loving the look of a mantilla veil (to be paired with a "simpler" dress). don't know what kind of lace edging i want, but i know it's going to be at least fingertip length (longer if i want to place it like a drop veil and use part of it as my "blusher"). 

 katherine mcphee's mantilla

i used to be pretty anti-blusher (blame it on my feminist ways), but i'm starting to LOVE the way it looks. i just hate the "poofy" action that veils attached to combs provide... so the perfect compromise would be the drop veil.  i don't know if i'll pull back the blusher at the beginning of the ceremony (when my parents "give me away") or wait until the kiss at the very end (about 15 minutes later since we're having a non-denominational shebang).


the ao dai:

the traditional vietnamese dress is called an "ao dai" (pronounced... "OW-yai" [?]). i'll be wearing mine during the cake cutting and father/daughter dance. i don't know if i want to get a white one to stick with the bridal theme, a red one to stick with the traditional vietnamese schtick, or a green one to stick with our wedding colors.

it also comes with a spiffy head wrap of sorts... so the hair's gonna change halfway through the festivities!


the dress part deux:

i'm going to be changing back into my gown after the ao dai, but with some minor tweaks. the bustle will be in place, the hair will be in an up-do, and the bolero will be off... most importantly, i'll be donning one of these: 


something like this would be perfect!



the hair & make-up: 

no idea yet... i know i want a half-up/half-down combination with curls. all i know is that my awesome MOH's little sister is gonna hook me up with a cute look.

maybe something like this... but with bangs

or this... but less... curly?

or this (horray for finally finding asian wedding hair!)

this is a good look, too


the shoes:

i want something funky and BRIGHT.  not many people are going to see them anyway, under my huge dress, so it'll be a fun "surprise." i'm thinking blue, red, green, anything but white, silver, or black.