About Mr. Nassif
I was born and raised in Apple Valley, California. I grew up playing all sorts of sports and focused on Football and Wrestling in High School. I attended the University of California, Santa Barbara and earned a bachelors degree in Psychology. I minored in Philosophy and Exercise Health Science: Physical Education.

My passion for teaching and youth fitness brought me to sunny San Diego where I earned my teaching credential in Physical Education and Health Science from San Diego State University. In 2010 I completed my Master's in Education at the University of San Diego. Over the years my role as a physical educator has developed into a balance of a sports coach and a personal lifestyle, social wellbeing and wellness “coach.”

As the first Physical Education Teacher at Albert Einstein Academies (since 2006!), I am very proud of the success of all our students and our physical education program achievements. I have had the opportunity to spearhead the AEA Fitness Center, Einstein Traverse Wall, Several Grants, after school sports, lunch league sports, AEA Adventure club, Running clubs, Youth Trainers, 'Action PE', outdoor fitness patch, Fusion events, Run-a-Thons, standard based component PE curriculum....and I foresee many opportunities for Albert Einstein students to continue to enjoy a happy and healthy life!

I married my lovely wife Felicia in 2012. Our first son Fred was born December 2013 and we welcomed our second son Karl in March 2016...and we can't forget about our other 'son' Petey the pittie. I love traveling and all sports but some of my favorite are football, soccer, snowboarding and golf!