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With horses as our guide they will help us to be more aware of what our bodies are telling us. They will help us to stay in the moment, understand how our behavior is effecting others and ourselves. Horses are ultra sensitive to their environment and are able to gently mirror back what they see, which is often the moment of learning about ourselves. This moment is the key to seeing self-limiting behaviors that may get in the way of experiencing our true potential.


Midnight Mountain has partnered with experts in their fields who's work complements the teaching of the horses. Below is a list of workshops that will be offered this season . All workshops cover the basics of the Epona approach. All facilitators have been through workshops at Midnight Mountain, or are Epona Approved instructors.


June 24,25,26 Boundaries In Relationships

With our horses as our guides this two-day experiential experience is geared to those who may be ready for a concrete change in their life and relationships. It will help you to examine what kind of boundaries you create and how that affectsthe relationship. The participants will explore what is their “usual, or customary” boundaries. They will then set up and choose which boundaries feel as if they are helpful and which ones they would like to change. They will have ample opportunity to try these new “ways” and cement them into a plan for the future.

No Horse Experience Needed

Cost $525: 1/2 due as deposit, rest due June 9th

July 15,16,17 Creating New Neuro-Pathways

With the herd as our guide this experiential workshop will gently guide us to learn more effective ways of dealing with our emotional pain. Research on the brain show us how events, emotions and learning are stored in neural pathways. This theory supports the efficacy of EEFL (Equine Experiential Facilitated Learning). Limbic, (emotional) regulation happens through relationship. We will become Cognizant of the importance of the sensory experience. This recognition will help us move through depression, anxiety, etc. With the horses as our guide this experiential workshop will gently guide us to learn more effective ways of being in relationship, thus creating new neuro-pathways. “People do not learn emotional modulation as they do geometry or the names of state capitals (neocortex). They absorb the skill from living in the presence of an adept external modulator [the horses with congruent and authentic facilitators], and they learn it implicitly." The book, A General Theory of Love, by Thomas Lewis, M.D., Fari Amini, M.D., and Richard Lannon, M.D is an excellent support of the use of Horses in this process. 

We will spend three days with the horses learning to stay in the present moment, paying attention to ourselves and seeing how our behaviors effect the horses. We will learn to go within ourselves to change old patterns of thought and action. Journaling will also be a big part of the weekend, so bring your own if you have one. 

Cost $525: 1/2 due as deposit, rest due July 1st 

No Horse Experience Needed

October 14 - 17 Riding Our Way Into A mutual Relationship

This Unique and powerful workshop applies the Epona Approach principles (emotional fitness, body awareness, mindfulness, and authentic interspecies community building skills) to working directly with horses, considering the physical, mental, emotional, relational, and spiritual dimensions of both species. 

During this four-day workshop, participants will explore innovative ideas on riding and relationship building. Participants will learn to recognize and respect the energetic boundaries of the horse, as well as themselves and other participants. Shelley says, "When you begin to learn how to read 'misbehavior' as a form of communication you will be well on your way to developing mutuality in your relationship with horses." 

Daily reflective riding lessons along with the core Epona principles; teach participants how to develop authentic and satisfying relationships in the saddle as well as on the ground. 

Cost $1100 $ 275.00, holds your spot, remainder due September 30th. 

Bring Your own Horse.

Workshop held in Waterbury Center, Vermont.



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