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How it Works

We provide a safe supportive environment in which people find a way to make personal changes and find personal empowerment.

Working collaboratively with horses, we help facilitate personal change. Horses provide mirrors into our behavior to patiently help us see old patterns that may keep us stuck.

Workshops are offered regularly, individual sessions are available and clinics at other barns
 are possible. No horse experience is necessary, but this work also translates into your riding. I have found the “behaviors” our horses are displaying may be mirrors into ourselves. I can help you to look at these, which in turn helps you to move forward with your trainer.

What it is: Horses are social creatures that respond easily to the challenges in forming and sustaining relationships. As animals of prey they survive by being ultra sensitive, mindful and able to detect the slightest change in emotional responses. Using these two natural responses they act as mirrors to us. This information can be used as information to transform ourselves, help us move toward personal growth.

How it works: The work is designed from the EPONA Approach, (Equine Assisted Learning). I use a variety of concrete tools that Linda Kohanov (Author Of Tao Of Equus) and Kathleen Ingram, (co-founder of EPONA) have developed. I pull from my background in counseling, thus creating my own blend of the two. I invite participants to gently reflect upon themselves while engaging the partnership of the horse. Once old patterns in our lives have been revealed, one is then free to try new behaviors.. In a world of so much talk, horses help us unlock meaning in our lives in a nonverbal way. They help us learn about nonverbal cues, and unconscious behavior patterns.

Covered in each workshop are the following basics of the Epona Approach

Message Behind the Emotions: The Emotional Message Chart

Congruent vs. incongruent emotional messages

False Self (Conditioned Personality)/Authentic Self Metaphor

Boundaries: Establishing and maintaining clear and consistent personal space

Body Scan: Full body scan to determine baseline emotional and physical state

Meet the Herd activity

Reflective Round Pen Work

Nine Essential Skills for Building Authentic Community