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Mon Apr 16 2007

Here are a couple of pictures of a turntable I'm making with Blender 


Sun Mar 18 2007

Best of Linux Rhythm Games 

 In fact this is every ryhthm game i could find for linux if there is more please tell me I would be interested in playing them my email is brianlightfoot at gmail dot com 

these games are very fun to play expecially if your throwing a house party :)  



Lately I have noticed that I need to get in better shape for the summer and wanted to find a game where I'm not just sitting on my ass. I have heard of DDR(Dance Dance Revolution) Clones for the Linux OS and embarked on the quest to get one installed and working with a pad controller.  First things first I installed pydance a nicely done DDR clone that should run with video cards without 3d acceleration  programed in python with the pygame libs. 

Installation under Ubuntu Linux is just a matter of going to a terminal and typing 

sudo  apt-get install pydance 

also note you need to install a few songs for pydance to use I will include a list of sites with songs for use with pydance and stepmania at the bottom of this page

after getting tired of playing this game with the keyboard I decided that I needed to purchase a pad controller. I purchased a Pelican Universal Dance pad that is compatable with the PS2 xbox and gamecube at wally world for the dirt cheap price of  $20 U.S.  First of all to use this under a linux system you must buy a xbox to usb adapter also note to use this pad you must have kernel version 2.6.19 or higher for this pad to work correctly the older kernel versions xpad driver will not allow you to press to direction keys on your pad at the same time I learned this the hard way. I was currently using ubuntu dapper at the time I first installed the pad I later upgraded my distro to fix this problem. other types of pads may work under Ubuntu Dapper but I have not personally tested any other pads.  




Step Mania is by far my favorite DDR clone for Linux it has a very nice arcade like menus and the best graphics out ot the two DDR Clones but you must have 3d acceleration enabled to use this game so a ATI or Nvidia card is required  

 Menu Screen Original Theme

 Menu Screen Cityscape Theme


one of the most interesting features of this game is that that there are many alternate themes for it from announcer voices to the in game menues & arrow skins Step Mania is also capialbe of displaying background animations when playing a song the selection is limited for songs with background animations but this is a very nice feature in fact it should have everything you could possibly want in a ddr clone 


In game 

 With version 4.0 that should be out in the near future you are able to compete with other Stepmania players over the internet if your very impatiant like I am you can install a pre release build from the Step Mania site under downloads at the very bottem there is a link to download this version under my machine multiplayer was working fine and very awsome to finally compte with other DDR players across the globe. 

Frets on Fire  


Frets on Fire is a Guitar Hero clone that is also allows mods to it's theme. Frets on Fire also allows you to import songs from the original guitar hero games for the playstation. This game is the ultimate finger workout and also is a good way to help you get some rhythm. Frets on Fire website says that you can use the guitar hero controllers via a ps2 to usb adapter that you can pick up of of E-Bay I personally have not purchased a guitar shaped controller due to the high price  Frets on fire works with the keyboard so no fancy controller is required

 Wed  Oct 17 2007

VALVe's Orange Box under Linux

Just purchased The Orange Box  To see what games under linux would work with wine or crossover  so far I have Team Fortress 2 , Portal & Half Life 2 all running from the box and have some screen shots or eye candy for you to look at. I have tested both applications under current Wine & Crossover Office 6.2