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Equipment: Amps

Fender Super Reverb Amp (US 1966) 4x10 all-tube 40W combo amp, blackface, modded into 2 2x10 cabs

Sovtek MiG50H "Tube Midget" (Russia c. 2000) 50W all-tube amplifier head (played with 1x15 Kustom cab or either of the 4x12 or 2x12 cabs below)

Sunn 200S (US 1960's) 60W all-tube amplifier head, built as a bass amp but doubles as a guitar amp (played with any of the cabs below)

Risson 4x12 slant front cab with Celestion-made Risson speakers (US, 1980's)

DIY 2x12 cab Speaker cabinet made from a gutted Crate combo amp, containing two British-made V12 Celestion 60W speakers

Cigarbox Half-Watt amp Half-Watt solid state guitar practice amp that can run from a 9-volt battery or regular household current

Kustom 100 (US 1960's) matching 100 W solid state head and ported cab (1x15) in tuck-and-roll aqua (Kustom's color name: "cascade") metal flake

Ampeg SVT bass cab (US 1970's?) 8x10

Crate BX-200 bass head (US 1995) 200W solid state

Woodson 250 (US 1970's?) matching bass head and 1x15 cab, 250W

Laney TF100 50w 1x10 combo amp, solid state

Vox AD30VT-XL 30W 1x12 combo, hybrid modeling amp, with more high-gain amps than on regular AD30 Valvetronic model

Fender Super Champ XD (CHI 2008?)15W tube combo amp with 10" speaker with 16 pre-amp voices and 16 onboard effects settings, 2 channels, switchable with footswitch (used for non-Crash Pad shows and low-volume practices)

Kustom Tube 12A Hybrid 12W combo with 8" Celestion speaker

Marshall Lead 20 (UK '80's) 20W solid state 80's 1x10 combo with Celestion speaker

Marshall 5210 (UK '80's) 50W solid state 80's 1x12 combo with Celestion speaker

Marshall 5275 (UK '80's) 75W solid state 80's 1x12 combo with Celestion speaker

Equipment: Electric Guitars (acoustic instruments are not listed on this page, as they are not regularly used in Crash Pad, but can be seen in the picture at the bottom of the page):

Gibson Les Paul Studio Double Cutaway (US 1997) Les Paul double cutaway setneck guitar with mahogany chambered body and arch maple top, master volume and tone controls, 3-way selector switch, Gibson 490R and 498T humbucker pickups, in cherry sunburst, named "Cherie"

Hamer P-90 Special (US 1998) Double cutaway setneck guitar based on the Les Paul Special, with two Seymour Duncan P-90 pickups, separate volume and master tone controls, heritage cherry, 3-way selector switch, named "Chrissie" (reference is to the Pretender's "Brass In Pocket:" "I'm Special...")

Gibson Les Paul Classic (US 1999), single cutaway setneck guitar with mahogany body and arch maple top, honeyburst with creme pickguard, Seymour Duncan Custom V bridge pickup and Gibson 496R neck pickup, separate volume and tone controls for each pickup, 3-way selector switch, named "Cassandra"

Fender American Vintage '52 Telecaster Reissue (US 1987), butterscotch blonde w/black pickguard, 2 single-coil pickups, three-way switching with original 1952 funky wiring scheme, "ashtray" bridge pickup with pickup cover, master tone and volume controls, named "Blondie"

Rickenbacker 620 (US 1991) Maple solid body with two Rickenbacker High-Gain single coil pickups, with separate tone and volume controls for each. Red with black binding, mono and stereo outputs. Formerly owned by local legends Rob Dark and Eddie Ray Chulo, named "Rickie"

Fender Tex-Mex Tele Special (MX 1997), brown sunburst, 1 Tex-Mex humbucker (neck), 1 Tex-Mex Telecaster single-coil (bridge), 5-way Strat-style pickup switching, master tone and volume controls, named "Brownie"

Ovation Breadwinner (solidbody elec., US ~1973), sky blue bakelite w/med. blue pickguard, 2 single coil pickups, active electronics, phase switching, master tone and volume controls, named "Ol' Blue" ("A Christmas Story" reference)

DeArmond Jet Star (KOR 2000, US Gold Tone pickups), 2 humbucking pickups, separate tone and volume controls, 3-way selector switch, imported by Fender-Guild, crimson transparent, mahogany body and neck, set bound neck, body style is the old Guild Thunderbird, named "Ruby"

Fender Duo-Sonic (US 1960), natural wood (refinished), 2 single-coil pickups, master tone and volume controls, 3/4 scale neck, named "Sonia"

Fender Squier Precision Bass (JPN c.1983), aged arctic white (with pale yellow patina) w/white pickguard, single split humbucker pickup with volume and tone controls, named "Seven" (for Camp 7 sticker still on the back)

Fender Standard Jazz Bass (MX c.1993), Chrome red w/black pickguard, dual single-soil pickups with master tone and two volume controls, named "Nell"

Fernandes Ravelle Deluxe (CHI 2003?) Mahogany body, Canadian maple arch top, set bound neck, Seymour Duncan Jazz and JB pickups, master tone and volume controls, 3-way switching, coil tap, honey burst, named "Raquel"

Peavey T-60 (US 1981) Ebony poplar body with two-piece bolt-on maple neck, 2 "toaster" style humbuckers with coil-splitting to single coils, individual volume and tone controls, 3-way switching, out-of-phase switch, named "Theresa"

Gretsch Electromatic Special Jet G5255 (CHI 2005) Mahogany cherry-finished body with set mahogany neck, 2 single-coil US-made DeArmond 2000 pikcups, master volume and tone controls and 3-way pickup selector, named "Joan"

Brownsville Choirboy (KOR c. early 2000's) Semi-hollow singlecut guitar with 3 single coil alnico pickups, 5-way switching, bolt-on maple neck with rosewood fingerboard, named "Corinne"

Epiphone WildKat Limited Edition Custom Shop (KOR 2005) White blonde limited run color, semi-hollow mahogany back with maple cap, 2 P-90's, Bigsby, Gretsch-style 4-pot arrangement with master tone, individual volumes, and master volume, 3-way switch. Named "Goldie"

Danelectro Hodad (KOR 1990) Deep Blue sparkle, semi-hollow masonite construction with wood center block, Bigsby-style tremelo, 2 lipstick pickups wired as humbuckers, separate tone and volume controls, pull-up coil-split, pull-up out-of phase. Named "Dani"

Peavey Fury Bass (USA 1984) Single super-ferrite pickup bass with single tone and volume control, maple neck and fretboard. Named "Farrah"

Epiphone Thunderbird Bass (KOR 2006) Mahogany bass with two humbucking pickups, bolt-on neck with rosewood fretboard, 2 volume and one tone control, named "Birdie"

Peavey T-40 Bass (USA 1979) Northern Ash bass with two coil-splittable humbuckers, bolt-on neck with maple fretboard, two volume and two tone controls, out-of-phase switch, named "Natalie"

Epiphone Casino (KOR 1997) modded with a Rio Grande P-90 in the neck, Bigsby, master volume, and Grover tuners, named "Mary"

Aria 1720 Bass (1970, JPN) copy of Mosrite bass, "pre-lawsuit," named "Ari"

Gibson Les Paul Jr. Special (USA 2012) Setneck mahogany guitar with 2 P-90's, a Les Paul Special but with neck binding and a baked maple fretboard, named "Paula"

Fender Classic Series 50's Stratocaster  (MX 2003) Alder body, maple bolt-neck, 3 alnico magnet single-coil pickups, tremelo bar (not in photo), named "Coco"

Gibson SGJ (USA 2013) Mahogany body, maple neck, rosewood fretboard, two alnico 490 pickups, whitewash thin finish, pickguard and white Bobbin Toppers added, named "Shirley Girly"  

Epiphone Ltd. Ed. Custom Shop Les Paul Special Singlecut Slab body, setneck, dual P-90s, TV White, named "Whitney"

Epiphone Ltd. Ed. Custom Shop Les Paul Deluxe Mahogany body with carved maple cap, setneck, dual mini-humbuckers, metallic red, named "Delia"

Gibson Les Paul Special Doublecut  Slab body, setneck, dual P-90s, TV Yellow, named "Johnny"

Equipment: Guitar Effects

DOD FX55C Supra Distortion Pedal

DOD Overdrive-Preamp 250 Pedal

Cry-Baby Wah Pedal

Boss Compression-Sustainer CS-2 Pedal

Ibanez Soundtank "60's Fuzz" Pedal

Ernie Ball Volume Pedal

Digitek Bad Monkey overdrive