Brian J. Dykstra

Graduate degree (MS Biology 2014), certification in Community College Instruction (2012), dual BS degree (Anthropology & Environmental Policy). 
Interests include education and community outreach on native plants and pollinators, cultural connections with  plants and bees, pollination biology, plant ecology, and more.
Variety of experiences in botany (education, field research, greenhouse, restoration).  Variety of skills and experience with nature education: in the field, in the classroom, and online. 
Work native bee nesting projects helping farms, schools, and gardens become pollinator friendly.   Flowers and bee photography.  

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Research and Activity Emphases:

Pollination Biology        Ethnobiology                             Sustainable agriculture        Botany                       Ethnobotany of beekeepers        Solitary bee nesting   
Public Outreach             Ecological Restoration           Science Education                Pollinator Health              Curricula Development                Plant Ecology
Value of native plants and pollinators                           Conservation Biology            Books / articles in progress   

Brian J. Dykstra,
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Brian J. Dykstra,
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