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Staff Meeting

New Note:

Wow this sounds bad. I guess as my first production that is to be expected, but if you're new to my music and chose this because it appears first on the list, please be understanding. As a general rule, I got better at music production as time went on, so if you want to hear something that sounds better, aim more toward the end of the list.

Original Notes:

Who hasn't been invited to one of those rah-rah, yay us, morale-boosting department-wide meetings?

My very first song ever produced! At the time I wrote this, I had already written the lyrics to When You Get There and In My Dreams. For my first published production however, I wanted an original song. So one day I'm at work and I get an invitation to a meeting with some random people. I couldn't for the life of me figure out what we all had in common. I start imagining what if we really are random? What if they're doing layoffs and a computer selected this group randomly. It would suck for me, but in a TV show it could be funny, done right. I smelled a song.

The next morning I'm turning it over in my head, and the chorus works out much better if it's a whole IT department being let go instead of random people. By the time I got into work I had the chorus and 2 verses written in my head already. Finished it up that evening. This song practically wrote itself in a single day.

For the record, the meeting in question was just a regular meeting. I seem to recall that it focused on the discussion of important topics pertaining to the continued success of the company.

[Verse 1]
Welcome, folks! Another wonderful year for the company.
We've got great, big hopes, and some exciting initiatives for IT.
We'll be expanding, going global, so what does all this mean for you?

You're all fired!
We've acquired an off-site source to do the work that you guys do for a bit less money.
You're all fired!
This inspired idea by finance is the innovation we've been looking for.
You're all fired!

[Verse 2]
No pretense, we know that quality's probably going to fall.
It's just, eighty cents is what the overseas team costs on the dollar.
We should expect a modest stock price increase from the press release.


I hope you understand that we don't take this action lightly.
Andrew, give me a hand and show these folks the graphic that you
Made of the pile of cash I'm going to roll around in naked.

[Verse 3]
Your accounts have been disabled while we've been speaking here.
I'd like to announce your stuff is outside in boxes labeled "Engineering".
I see some of you have arrived here late, so to bring you up to speed,


You're all fired!
We're just tired of paying first-world wages, then you all want to take two weeks vacation.
You're all fired!
As required by corporate counsel, we'll have you sign some papers on your way outside.
You're all fired!