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π Day


Some holidays just get the short end of the stick. Why is it that days based on mathematical constants (you know who you are) lack the public awareness of days marking religious or historical significance? It's just not rational.

Thanks to Weird Al and his "Christmas at Ground Zero" for the idea to give it a holiday sound by using sleigh bells. I was thinking about using the baritone sax as well, but decided it didn't work in this case.

EDIT: New version for π Day 2013! I rethought the sax and decided it works after all. Added a uke, accordion, and moving left hand on the piano, and kicked up the energy. Hope you like it. 

[Verse 1]
I wake up early in a transcendental scene.
I'm all crazily irrational, 'cause it's March fourteen.
We've got no need for decimals that terminate or repeat,
And everybody knows the Feynman point is the place to meet.
It's where we'll have a

Happy, happy π Day! I'm all geeked out, and I'm feeling fine
On this happy, happy π Day. I've got 3.141592653589793238
Reasons this happy, happy π Day is gonna be great!

[Verse 2]
We'll eat pie. It's a homonym, you see.
Ok, well that's not exactly right, because technically,
True homonyms are spelled alike, a trait these don't possess.
The word you're looking for is "homophone", but I digress.
It's gonna be a


Without π, we wouldn't ever know the circumference of a circle.
Without π, we can't find the area of that same circle.
Without π, how would we ever guess the volume of a sphere.
Without pie, there would be no good use for blueberries.

[Verse 3]
As far as we can tell, it all starts with pyramids,
Then Archimedes and Ptolemy worked it out to amuse the kids.
Madhava rocked the Calculus, and Machin's trig was phat,
But hey, we've all got computers now, so to hell with that.
I say we have a