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Always felt bad for Otis. But then does it really make sense that Lex would have employed him all this time? What's up with that? He really does mess up pretty much everything. Still, he must go to bed sad a lot. I actually imagine him in bed singing this the night before that scene when Superman talks to Lex and Lex makes Otis erase Otisburg from the overlay. Of course the song also mentions the ladder scene in Superman II, so the timelines don't exactly match up with that...

I'm not entirely sure what key this is in. The A7 that serves as the verse tonic seems very bluesy, but I go from that to F, D7, G which to me feels like a IV-V7/V-V in C. And in fact the chorus resolves to C. But then at the end of the chorus I use the E7 (used as a V7/vi in the chorus) to resolve back to A7, so we're back to a kind of blues A that just maybe uses C a lot as a secondary key. I wanted to create a distinction between the stressful, oppressive daily routine and his daydreaming, so I chose a verse/chorus dichotomy with the hard quarter note beat that opens up to the chorused guitar on "I don't mind". But I can't allow poor Otis to enjoy it. As soon as he says "Otisburg" I felt the need to cut him off and drag him back to reality as quickly as possible. And then the ending just implies that this continues perpetually.

Milestone: I actually played (most of) the instruments. 2 acoustic (both on my Seagull) and 2 electric guitar (Agile) tracks plus all voices. Only the drums and bass are software instruments. And I'm confident I could have played in the bass if I had one, but I really don't know when I'll feel like going through the trouble of mic'ing a drum set. I'll probably wait on that until I can afford to go into a studio and use one already set up. My recording equipment can only handle 2 inputs at a time anyway.

Oh yeah, and in case you missed it the first half of the solo after the 2nd chorus is the "March of the Villains" leitmotif from the movie. Officially it's assigned primarily to Lex, but I found it playing more often when Otis was doing his thing.

[Verse 1]
Every morning, grab a paper, dodge the train.
Every morning, I keep on humming that refrain.
Bracing for those words that run me through
Every morning, is just the price to be with you.

But I don’t mind,
'Cause everything that matters is here.
I know that we’re gonna be just fine.
You the brains and me the part that’s not the brains.
We’ll reshape the world into a place we can be free.
You and me in Otisburg.

[Verse 2]
Shake it off now, focus on the enemy.
Plant the kryptonite. Put the ‘G’ in ‘RGB’.
Narrate your first person peer review.
Forget the Joker, wait ‘til they get a load of you.


[Verse 3]
Cut me down and fly across the sea.
Doesn’t matter, I’m sure you’ll be right back for me.


Every morning, grab a paper, dodge the train...