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Descartes and I


Kind of a folk-style buddy song for this one. We're still together, Descartes and I, and since I wrote this song you'll be pleased to know he's achieved somewhat of an internet presence. The illustrator kind of flubbed the rendering and drew him without his feathers, which is weird. Maybe he thought people would be more accepting of a velocirator who looks more like what they saw in Jurassic Park.

Anyway, Descartes finally has an outlet for his insight and wisdom. Please check out his work at HIS WEB SITE.

Nothing terribly groundbreaking about the music itself, but it got me to ponder what my composition style is. I decided I have 2 1/2 styles. This was chords first, and that seems to result pretty consistently in "normal" songs, musically. Then we have melody first songs like Friction BillJust a Dream, and Onward to the West, which tend to change keys a lot and wander, creating more unusual progressions. The outlier is One More Cloud, for which I started with lyrics, the only time I did that. In all cases I have a kernel of an idea with all elements combined as the hook from which I develop everything else. I have maybe a dozen hooks rattling around my head for songs I may write someday.

For this song, I decided to try out my new guitar learnin'. Been working on Travis fingerpicking lately, and I'm getting decent at "Dust in the Wind", so I wrote this to use similar patterns. To make things easier, I weirded up the chords by removing complexity from the fingerings. So an Am becomes an Aadd2 or an Am7 to remove a finger here and there. Little things like that throughout to make it easier to play.

Decide to write up THE TABS.

[Verse 1]
If a clone turns out to be smarter 
Than the original, do you still call it a clone? 
If I use a DNA starter 
To make my only friend, am I still forever alone? 
The world won't look behind his plumed facade 
Into the brilliant mind of my favorite theropod. 

My raptor Descartes and I, 
We talk all through the night about the then, the now, the why. 
My raptor Descartes and I, 
Debating over how to choose the road next traveled by. 
Descartes and I. 

[Verse 2]
Often he can force me to unthink, 
As he illuminates the questions that I beg. 
But he is so a slave to his instinct, 
Deciding whether first to steal the neighbor's chicken or egg. 
A subtle logic gaffe, a loud guffaw, 
I laugh and laugh until he brandishes his raptor claw. 


[Verse 3]
There are times I feel I might lose him 
To questing after his less-moral relatives. 
Of all the animemes I would choose him, 
In all his grudginess, forgetting much more than he forgives. 
So I'll just have to trust the fallacy 
Of paying work with just a BA in Philosophy 


My raptor Descartes and I, 
We talk all through the night about the truths we all deny. 
My raptor Descartes and I, 
Debating over how the arts of Socrates apply. 
Descartes and I.