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All You Can Eat


What does the above photo make you think of? Wrong. The correct answer is sharks eating people. Why is that the correct answer? Because Jaws has been playing every time I've turned on the TV for the past month.

Going for a nostalgic feel here, like a song you'd play and sing around a campfire about some adolescent adventure involving a crush. Took a lot of inspiration from James Taylor, Harry Chapin, Jonathan Coulton, Kenny Loggins, etc. Even Weird Al's Good Old Days.

Logic Pro has been practicing, and is getting better at me playing guitar! That flex time stuff really goes a long way to correcting my timing problems, especially when I have three guitar parts overlapping each other and the attacks need to line up. And I'm loving the sound of my Seagull Artist Mosaic Folk. I'll just go ahead and give them free publicity in front of the 47 people who will ever read this page. For a smaller guy like me the folk size and shorter Gibsonesque scale fit perfectly (and match my electric, which is convenient), and it has a surprising amount of projection. I recorded DI and applied effects inside the box to brighten it up. I had planned on strumming with a quarter but the ITB effects worked nicely and allowed me to strum with just my fingers.

[Verse 1] 
Bruce and Chum were prob’ly cruising the Buxton mile 
Then there’s me just playing tag-along with my parents to the Island, 
Feeling like a plastic bag. Then I saw you and your moves like Jagger. 
I literally peed right through my skin. And then we’re floating fin to fin. 
I about died when you said, 

Meet me at the all-you-can-eat buffet 
We'll share a bite and fill a night that’s melting into day 
You make me feel like I can call myself a shark 
At the Amity Island Land Park and All-You-Can-Eat Buffet 

[Verse 2] 
Oh the frenzied feast devoured at that first meal. 
The variety of treats, especially the one that I called “longseal”, 
With its cover to unwrap. One by one picked off the whitecaps. 
Savory red sauce pretty much everywhere. And romance was in the air, 
Whatever that is. 


You and I were so insane, right up to the hurricane. 
A crush of fish, a cloud of bream, 
Served up a dish of scattered dreams. 
No star to guide a way to find you. 

[Verse 3] 
So I’m back again. I do this every year. 
When I scan the crowd, and ask aloud if anybody saw you here 
And so it goes. This message in a bottlenose 
Is just a final filed appeal to fate. Now all I can do is wait 
For the day when you will