Welcome, folks! You've obviously been conned into visiting the web site of Brian Gray. By all means, stay. Relax. Put your feet up and listen to a few songs. Just take your shoes off first, cause I can't possibly know where all you've been.

So here's the deal. I'm a musician, and I'm putting together some songs that represent a range of musical styles. I sum up my genre as "nerd rock", though not all songs are rock, and not all are quite as nerdy as they ought to be. The plan was to get a complete album together and submitted to online stores by May 2011. Obviously I'm a bit behind schedule at the moment, because real life. The music is separated into songs I completely wrote myself, and those for which I created derivative works. Depending on licensing issues, individual works in the latter category may or may not end up on the album.


Update (8/2012): I believe I have enough content written to start recording an album. I've begun the process of contacting a studio and album artist and getting some ducks lined up. There is a general feeling in my household as to which songs ought to make it, but if you have a favorite one please try to sway me.

Update (1/2013): You know what? If you're here for the first time, consider listening in reverse order, starting from the bottom of the song list. I really kind of sucked at the beginning, and now I suck maybe just a little bit less.


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