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The Tales of Gaspar

Book I: The Road to Nyn
In a land where magic is outlawed, a young boy is living a double life. Although Kay is training to be a knight, he has been secretly studying 
the forbidden ways of magic with Alamin, a powerful but eccentric wizard.

When a band of goblins raids his village and enslaves his family and friends, Kay embarks on an adventure that takes him across the
Kingdom of Gaspar and into the dark and treacherous caves of the Goblin Realm. What Kay doesn’t realize is that his journey is leading him
on a collision course with the Lord of Nyn – a being so powerful that none dare face him...not even Alamin himself!

Author's Note
I began writing The Road to Nyn when I was in college. Click on the file below to see how the original first chapter.

Book II: The Ring of Carnac
It’s an adventure on the high seas for Alamin’s wizarding apprentices, Kay and Jerra, but it’s definitely not a pleasure cruise. They are in a race
against time to stop the witch, Krellia, from releasing an ancient evil from its thousand-year-old prison. Only the Ring of Carnac holds the key 
to stopping Krellia and her pirate and goblin minions. Unfortunately, the ring has been missing for hundreds of years, and the one person who
may hold the clue to the ring’s whereabouts an odd, reclusive wizard who lives on an island far to the south. Alamin promises to protect his young apprentices on their journey, but, when Kay and Jerra become prisoners aboard a pirate ship where
magic doesn’t work, their adventure seems like it will end before it has hardly begun!

Brian Michaud,
Mar 5, 2016, 8:18 AM