As an archaeologist I focus on the analysis of ancient human remains as a means of understanding prehistoric cultures in regions from the Andes to the Sahara.

As a lawyer I work on issues relating to national security, the law of armed conflict and accountability for mass atrocities.  I've transitioned from studying old bones to studying not so old bones.

Legal Publications-

Brian Finucane

Fictitious States, Effective Control, and the Use of Force Against Non-State Actors

Berkeley Journal of International Law (In press)

Enforced Disappearance as a Crime Under International Law: A Neglected Origin in the Laws of War

Yale Journal of International Law, Vol. 35, p. 171 (2010).

Peer Reviewed Anthropology and Archaeology Publications-

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Ayacucho Archaeo-Isotope Project - Peru 

Excavations at Karkarichinkat - Mali 

A Prehistory of Violence 



Doctoral Dissertation 

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