Associate Professor, Department of Economics, Wilfrid Laurier University
CV (July 2016)

Journal articles

Informal employment in a growing and globalizing low-income country (with Nina Pavcnik). 2015. American Economic Review: Papers and Proceedings, 105(5), pp. 545-50. NBER Working Paper 20891.

Exporting out of poverty: Provincial poverty in Vietnam and U.S. market accessJournal of International Economics, 2011, 85(1), pp. 102-113. [Dataset and do fileReprinted in Trade and Inequality, edited by Pinelopi Koujianou Goldberg, The International Library of Critical Writings in Economics, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar.
International welfare comparisons and nonparametric testing of multivariate stochastic dominance, (with Adonis Yatchew) Journal of Applied Econometrics, 2007 22(5), pp.951-969.

Financial intermediation and growth: Some robustness results, (with Thanasis Stengos) Economics Letters, 2005, 88(3), pp. 306-312.

Working Papers

Export markets and labor allocation in a low-income country (with Nina Pavcnik). NBER Working Paper 20455. [Revise & resubmit American Economic Review]

Moving out of agriculture: Structural change in Vietnam (with Nina Pavcnik). NBER Working Paper 19616. Forthcoming in "Structural change, fundamentals, and growth," eds. Margaret McMillan and Claudia Paz Sepulveda.

Stuck in the middle? Structural change and productivity growth in Botswana (with Margaret McMillan, Inigo Verduzco, and Keith Jefferis). NBER Working Paper 21029Forthcoming in "Structural change, fundamentals, and growth," eds. Margaret McMillan and Claudia Paz Sepulveda.

Evaluating the impact of a targeted land distribution program: Evidence from Vietnam. (with Dwayne Benjamin, Loren Brandt, and Nguyen Le Hoa). University of Toronto Department of Economics Working Paper 461. [Revise & resubmit Review of Economics of the Household]

Work in progress

Growth with equity: Income inequality in Vietnam, 2002-12. (with Dwayne Benjamin and Loren Brandt). [Revise & resubmit Journal of Economic InequalityPrevious version

New export opportunities and firm performance in the presence of a large state sector. (with Nina Pavcnik and Woan Foong Wong)

Business formalization in Vietnam. (with Jordan Nanowksi)

Foreign direct investment and schooling: Evidence from Vietnam. (with Nina Pavcnik and Nancy Wu)

Trade liberalization and structural change in Botswana: Evidence from an unusual experiment. (with Margaret McMillan)


Assessing the Impact of Land Redistribution in the Central Highlands, (with Dwayne Benjamin, Loren Brandt, and Nguyen Le Hoa), A Report Prepared for the World Bank, October 2010.
Crop Output in Vietnam, 1992 to 2006: An Analysis of the Patterns and Sources of Growth, (with Loren Brandt, Barbara Coelli, and Brian McCaig). A Report Prepared for the World Bank, February 2009.

Book reviews

Review of The impact of macroeconomic policies on poverty and income distribution: Macro-micro evaluation techniques and tools. 2009. Economic Record, Vol. 85, Issue 271, pp. 490-491.