What is absORB iq?  -absORB iq is a frontend wrapper application for your Orb.com account.

Updated 6-24-06 version: iq Mini

absORB iq allows you one click access to many of Orb's features.  



What else do I need?:

 absORB iq is NOT affiliated in any way with Orb Networks Inc. 

Why did you make this? 

Because I believe Orb is one the best services to reach the internet in years. I use it a everyday. I innitialy made this just for myself but decided to adapt it and release it so other could enjoy it too.  I do not work for Orb Networks, I am just a huge fan. So Enjoy and please feel free to comment on this program by emailing me at winorb@gmail.com




NEW! absORB:iq Mini is here!

Released 6-24-06 absORB iq Mini

Below is the absORB:iq Standard Edition

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absORB iq  features one click  access to local television listings,  recorded content, account settings, volume control, streamlined browser controls, and more!

 Move through ORB faster and more efficiently.


absORB iq  now includes RSS feeds  Add your own, or read the Orb Community Forum by default. 



 Shade is IN!  

absORB iq can now be made transparent!  Keep  the eyes off your goods!



 Connection Status! 

Just for kicks and to make sure your ISP hasn't dropped it's connection!

 Keep tabs on the dataflow.......


absORB iq is completely self contained 2.9mb application and requires no installation.  absORB iq changes no files. Download to your desktop for simple one click access to Orb.  Please report all bugs to winorb@gmail.com

Who uses absORB? 

Click the image below to see a Google map with current users as of 5-25-06

absORB iq is beta, this free tool and comes with no warranty of any kind. Please use at you're own risk. This application has been tested on Microsoft Windows XP and Microsoft Media Center Edition.