R-based modeling of multiple disturbance interactions

posted Dec 29, 2011, 2:14 PM by Brian Buma
Currently obsessed with my new model- a spatially explicit disturbance model which takes both resistance and resilience inputs (both independent and dynamic through time), and models multiple types of disturbances simultaneously.  This allows me to adjust disturbance interaction strengths, directions, etc.  For example, I can create a forest, hit it with mountain pine beetle, and adjust that forests resistance to wildfire post-beetle outbreak, as well as resilience should a fire occur.  At the same time, resistance and resilience to MPB is changing as the forest recovers- or doesn't.  The model also allows for multiple cover types, with their own resistance and resilience curves and interactions.  Currently I have a fire-model, MPB-model, and wind-model, although the beauty of it is breaking everything down to resistance and resilience, rather than specific things like relative diversity, etc.  This makes it FAR more generalizable and useful.  Those specifics are adjusted through the resistance parameter, for example.