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Research Interests


I focus on disturbance and landscape ecology, with specific interest on landscape-scale disturbance interactions and policy responses.  My broad interests lie in the intersection of changing disturbance regimes, species resilience mechanisms, and overall landscape resilience -- and importantly, what we can do about it.  I'm both interested in the traditional resilience paradigm (e.g. resilience of what to what) and in expanding that thought process to landscapes which are resilient to unknowns- unknown changes in future climate, human pressures, invasive species, and the like.  This second problem ("the unknown") is both more difficult and more realistic (and more interesting!), as it doesn't presuppose we know what specifics will matter in terms of resilience in the future.  

I am working on the effects of disturbances and land management activities in the temperate rainforest of southeast Alaska.  For example, there is a facintating interplay between exposure to different disturbance regimes (interactions of regimes, rather than single events) which has important implications for landscape structure and function.  One interesting avenue is the role of disturbance regimes in tree species dispersal - rates of migration in response to climate change may be partially dependent on rates of disturbances.  I'm also working on mountain pine beetle research in Colorado, such as a CIRES funded project looking at mountain pine beetle, LAI, and phenology (MODIS NDVI) and its relationship to waterflow.

CV (Word version)

Landscape and Disturbance Ecology
R-based modeling
Remote Sensing (MODIS, Landsat, SPOT)
GIS (both in R and ArcGIS)
NDVI time-series analysis (mainly phenology)

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