This section is made up of programs that are hard to find, because they are the "last freeware version", or the author just abandoned their creation.

" All programs are offered as-is. I don't offer any support for any of these programs."  

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Arena Chess version 1.1 Setup 2 (discontinued due to size)

Main Features of Arena:

    * Easy-to-use and configurable Interface- Adjust Arena according to your personal preferences!
    * Approx. 250 chess engines run under Arena. Strenghts vary from very strong to easy to beat, some have adjustable strength .
    * Support of the free and publicly available protocols UCI and Winboard for the communication between GUI and Engine.
    * Detailed information - Analyse lines tell everything about the thinking process of the chess engines!
    * Unique tournament features - Find out, how the chess engines compete against each other.
    * Playing over the Internet online games against people worldwide.
    * Simple move input and animated piece movement.
    * Possibility to analyse your own or other games afterwards automatically.
    * Extensive Help
    * Printing - clearly laid out output on paper.
    * EPD-Support - Easy analysis of position databases.
    * PGN-Support - Game - databases clearly arranged.
    * Support of the DGT Chessboard for the game with real pieces - Connect the electronic DGT Chessboard to your PC, switch off your screen and play a real competetive game against one or more of the wide range of available WinBoard or UCI Engines.
    * Support of 19 languages for the GUI.
    * Display of the opening, opening books, Chess960, analyse board, etc. etc...

Mah-Jongg 3000 Pro

Chinese tile game.

Internet Programs


An excellent RSS reader with an Outlook interface.


Check internet links and download favicons in IE.


Adbusting proxy that works on IE and Firefox.


Adds yEnc support to Outlook Express.

Multimedia Programs

dbPowerAmp Music Converter

Convert music files from one format to almost anyother format.

 Fill CD

FillCD takes a list of files or directories and tells you which of them fits best within a certain size limit. How is this useful? Now you can easily find out how to make the most of the space on a blank CD, Zip or Jaz disk, or whatever type of media you like. Just specify the size to use and how close to 100% you want to fill it, select the files or directories to use as "candidates," and click Compute. The results will appear, and you can move the winning combination to another location.


Last version of this program without the AOL Desktop.

Productivity Programs

AleJenJes Timer

A simple no-install timer.


One of the best ever notes & reminder programs.

Cash Manager

A very good, basic personal accounting program.

Days Ease

A nice HTML calendar.

Past, Present, Future

A basic three pane calendar.  

Simple Checkbook 

A basic checkbook template for Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Works, and Star Office. Will also work with OpenOffice.org

Tape Calc 2

Calculator with tape and multiple functions.

Security Programs

Speedman's opera.wand.dat.passwords.retrieve.utility

Extract these files to a folder, and go find your wand.dat file in Opera folders usually located:                                                       

C:\Documents and Settings\xxNAMEXX\Application Data\Opera\Opera\profile\wand.dat 

Copy that file into the folder where you extracted speedman's files and run the retrieve.bat file. It will create a file called pass.txt in that folder and that will reveal all of the passwords in the wand.

System Utility Programs

Everest Home Edition

good system analysis program.

Microsoft Bootvis

Microsoft states this tool is no longeravailable.Bootvis“was”      a performance tracing and visualization tool designed to help identify performance issues for boot/resume timing while developing new  PC  products or supporting software.  

Microsoft Private Folder 

Microsoft Private Folder 1.0 is a useful tool for you to protect your private data when your friends, colleagues, kids or other people share your PC or account. With this tool, you will get one password protected folder called ‘My Private Folder’ in your account to save  your personal files.

 Microsoft Windows XP Backup 

This backup program from Microsoft is installed by default on Windows XP Professional, but not in the Home Edition. It can be installed by browsing the Windows XP Home CD, but most brand-name computers only have a restore CD. Some brand-name computers may have this file located in the i386 folder, many don't.


Moves the mouse cursor randomly so the screensaver doesn't come on.

Space Monger 

SpaceMonger is a tool for keeping track of the free space on your computer. Each file or folder on a given drive is displayed in a box in the main window whose size is a relative comparison to all the other files in your system. The program supports popup info-tips that can display the full filename, the icon, the date, size, and attributes of any file or folder. You can delete files from the right click menu and customize the number of files to be shown as well as the color scheme. 

Total Uninstall

Installation monitoring tool.

Win Drivers Backup 

Backup all of your drivers.