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 Bits from Bill

Technology thoughts leaking from the brain of Bill Pytlovany, anti-spyware advocat and creator of the WinPatrol program.



Home of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. 

Clif Notes

Each weeks newsletter, has freeware reviews, tips, tricks, news, and lots of cool websites for you to check out.

Fred Langa, What Comes Next

The former editor of Winmag, The Langa List, and Windows Secrets writes a blog about his retirement

The Superficial is a brutally honest look at society and its obsession with the superficial. It is not satire. It is not social commentary. It is the voice of our society at its worst. It is first impressions without sense of social obligation. It is the truth of our generation. It is ugly racism. It is jealousy. It is honest.

Just kidding. Our goal is to make fun of as many people as possible.

SnapFiles - Whats New

Latest New Releases & Updates > Freeware Only

The Sports Network

The most comprehensive site on the internet for Sports from a Canadian perspective.


NHL Scores 


NFL Scores 


The Weather Network

Accessing TheWeatherNetwork.com,  allows you to view:

    * detailed city forecast pages for more than 3,000 cities in Canada, the U.S. and internationally

 * WeatherDirect - a customized e-mail service that delivers daily local forecasts directly to your inbox

* Weather and radar maps

* Highway and road construction updates

 * Traffic cameras

* Golf reports for more than 2,000 courses

 * Monthly and seasonal forecasts



The Breast Cancer Site - The Breast Cancer Site (www.thebreastcancersite.com) is an online activism site that gives Internet users a free and easy way to help reduce the number of mothers, sisters, daughters and friends lost to breast cancer. In seconds, visitors to The Breast Cancer Site can click on the "Fund Free Mammograms" button and, at no cost to them, help fund a free mammogram for an underprivileged woman. Mammography is one the best-known methods of early detection of breast cancer, and early detection is the key to survival and better treatment options. Provision of free mammograms is carried out through the National Breast Cancer Foundation and paid for by The Breast Cancer Site's sponsors. The Breast Cancer Site was founded on October 23, 2000.


Fetiture - Furniture that features "form+fetish+function". Truly a unique furniture experience. 

Real Estate

 Marcel Grondin - Bilingual Royal Lepage sales representative in the Ottawa area. 

Computer Help  


How to clean an LCD screen -  The “L” in LCD stands for “liquid,” and what holds this liquid in is not a glass plate like you remember having on your big, heavy CRT or television. It’s soft plastic, and you’ve got to treat it very delicately.


FILExt ~ The File Extension Source - FILExt is a database of file extensions and the various programs that use them. If you know the file extension you want to learn about simply enter it into the search box on the left and click on the Search button. If it's in any of the FILExt databases the data we have on that file extension will be shown on a results page. If it's not in any of the databases you will be given a link to a page with hints on how to do further research. Don't search on terms; just file extensions and only one at a time please. There will be another search box on the results page if you have multiple searches to do.


It's possible that the search will give you multiple results as there is no central registry for file extensions. If so, you will have some detective work to do; read the results page carefully as there will be hints on how to do this detective work. 


How to password protect zip files in Windows XP/Windows Vista - Windows XP and Windows Vista operating systems have native support for zip compression and decompression called Compressed Folders or zipped folders. This lets you open any zipped file easily in windows without any third-party tool. This also lets compress and zip files easily.

File Conversions 

Extract Video -  ExtractVideo.com allows you to download and save videos from YouTube, MetaCafe and Break.com directly to your computer.

Even more, you can search YouTube.com and download videos you like!


 Measurement Conversion - Length Conversion Calculator, Weight Conversion Calculator, Pressure Conversion Calculator, Volume Conversion Calculator, Temperature Conversion Calculator, Time Conversion Calculator, Area Conversion Calculator. 

Zamzar - Free online file conversion. 


PC Game Fixes & No-CD Patch Files-For PC Games -   Game Fixes are small patches which enable you to patch your game and play your game without the CD in the drive, these Game Fixes are called No-CD patches, the benefit of this is obvious, as you wont need to keep swapping the CD over every time you want to play a different game, it also allows you to place your original CD back in its cover and keep it safe from scratches and damage, and therefore backing up your CD. There are also Game Fixes which remove the movie or video clips from the game. You can also make a backup CD with the Game Fixes, this will allow you to keep a safe copy of your original game CD, and preventing damage to your original CD.

Internet Speed Tests 


Speakeasy - Internet speed test.

Speedtest - Internet speed test.

 Toast - Internet speed test.

 WUGNET - Internet speed test.



How to back up your media in iTunes - iTunes 8 offers a new way to back up your iTunes library, playlists, and iTunes Store purchases (including Applications purchased from the App Store) for safekeeping. The Back Up to Disc feature saves your media to a blank disc (CD or DVD) and once backed up, iTunes can use your backup disc(s) to automatically restore your iTunes library


How to use your iPod to move your music to a new computer - If you do not have access to a CD or DVD burner then there is an option to use your iPod. Because your iPod contains a high-capacity drive, you can use it to move all your music from your old computer to the new one (this document does not apply to iPod touch).


Setup a Windows PC - 10 things you should do to every Windows PC.


How to reset iPod - Learn how to reset or restart iPod following a freeze.


How to fix problem when Windows Updates download but won't install - Follow the steps on this web page to solve this annoying problem. 


HP Microsoft Windows XP SP3 Upgrade Utility for systems with AMD processors - Microsoft Windows XP SP3 Upgrade Utility prevents continuous system restarts or "Stop: 0x0000007E" errors after upgrading to Windows XP SP3 on systems with AMD processors.


HP Software Update Utility - This package provides the HP Software Update. HP Software Update is a proactive tool that automatically updates selective HP software and drivers. This tool comes pre-installed on certian notebooks, but if it is accidently removed or lost, HP Software Update can be re-installed by using this package.


Kelly's Korner ~ Troubleshooting Windows XP - Kelly has put together a lot of information from various sources, to help you find answers to the problems some users have with Windows XP. She has also put together some commonly requested tweaks and tips to make XP work the way you want it to. 


New Life for Windows XP - Harry O is a home user who enjoys computing. He's not a tech but he has learned a lot about trouble-shooting computers. Over the years he's found a great deal of help on the internet and hopes to share some of what he's learned with you. This site is really Harry's personal library. It contains links to other sites that Harry has found to be very helpful, links to software that he uses regularly and information that has been gleened from others.

Hopefully this site will be helpful to you as well. Feel free to take what you can use and pass it on.


Uninstalling Preinstalled Norton Software When Add/Remove Programs Fails - This document applies for all HP Pavilion, Compaq Presario, and HP Pavilion Media Center PCs bundled with any of the following Norton programs:

  • Norton Antivirus 2004 or 2005
  • Norton Personal Firewall 2004 or 2005
  • Norton Internet Security 2005 AntiSpyware Edition



 Chat Abbreviations - Definitions of the abreviations used in email, usenet and online chat rooms.


Filemail.com - Send up to 2GB without registering.


The Go F**K Yourself Home Page - Sometimes you just need to tell someone where to go. At least this page does it with a bit of humour.

TinyURL - Are you sick of posting URLs in emails only to have it break when sent causing the recipient to have to cut and paste it back together? Then you've come to the right place. By entering in a URL in the text field below, we will create a tiny URL that will not break in email postings and never expires. 


Web Insult - Generate random insults


YouSendIt - Send as many 1 GB files as you like... FREE.


 Canada Post - Postal Code Lookup


Send Me RSS - Send RSS  feeds straight to your email box.


411 - Canadian Online Directory 


Google Mobile - Upgrade your phone with free Google products. Get Search, Maps, Gmail, YouTube and other Google products on your mobile device. 


Hard to Find 800 Numbers - You keep them in business. Yet they hide from you. Until now. 


Nueva Sync - allows direct, over-the-air, native synchronization of certain smart phones and PDA devices with public PIM, and calendaring services including Google Calendar. NuevaSync does not need any software installed on your device because it uses synchronization protocols that are already built in.


Who Called Us - The phone is ringing, and you don't recognize the number. All Caller ID says is, "NAME UNAVAILABLE".

Wakerupper - Free wake-up calls and telephone reminders. 


Where's My Cell Phone - Simply enter the lost phone number and listen for it to ring. When you find it, hang up and you're done!



Dilbert - Daily comic strip.

Home Electronics

Wirewize - takes the confusion out of your home entertainment  setup.


Cinema Clock - Search where your favourite movie is playing, or find out what is playing at your favourite theatre.


filmcritic - Welcome to filmcritic.com, one of the oldest and certainly the liveliest film and movie review destination on the Web! Founded in 1995, filmcritic.com hosts more than 6,000 movie reviews and feature stories contributed by 20-some critics located throughout the world. Six of our contributors are members of the Online Film Critics Society, the Internet's most prestigious critics' organization. Celebrities ranging from Owen Wilson to Russ Meyer, Jackie Chan, Val Kilmer, Jeff Daniels, Kevin Costner, Daniel Day-Lewis, John Woo, David Cronenberg, Mira Sorvino, John Singleton, Alicia Witt, and Wes Anderson have been interviewed on the site. We are based in San Francisco, with outposts in New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Seattle, Austin, Charlotte, Denver, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Sydney, Australia.

metacritic - Metacritic® compiles reviews from respected critics and publications for film, video/dvd, books, music, television and games.

Our unique Metascores® show the critical consensus at a glance by taking a weighted average of critic grades.


My CRA Account - Securely view details of your CRA account.


QuickTaxWeb - QuickTaxWeb,  is the complete online tax software solution for preparing & filing your personal Canadian tax return. Enjoy the freedom of preparing your tax return from any computer connected to the internet - anytime, anywhere. 


Tenants and Landlords for Fair Taxation - Tenants and Landlords for Fair Taxation is a group of tenants and landlords working together to bring multi-residential property taxes in line with taxes paid by homeowners in the City of Ottawa. 

UFile.ca - Complete your tax return in minutes. No software to download. Simple and secure.


The Universal Currency Converter - Easy to use accurate currency converter. 




Centerfold Archive - Vast resource of Playboy Playmates.


Pure Perfection - Lisa Matthews PMOM 4/1990, PMOY 1991.

Computer Wallpaper

Digital Blasphemy -  Hi-res original 3d-rendered computer desktop wallpapers and links to some of the best computer art sites on the web.

SexyDesktop - Welcome to SexyDesktop, home of the sexiest wallpapers on the net!

We've got 153,258 wallpapers for your desktop with more added daily to our library, and they're all high-resolution top-quality scans. 

Beware of imitations - SexyDesktop is the original and best wallpaper website with over 760 galleries and support for screen sizes from 800x600 up to 1920x1440, plus widescreens.

Icons & Logos 

 Icon Archive - The Icon Archive is a categorized collection of high quality desktop & web icon sets. We currently have over 18,200 icons in 656 sets from 155 icon authors. Icons can be used for Windows (XP, Vista, etc.), Macintosh (OSX, OS) and Linux (as PNG Files). 


Chris Creamer's Sports Logos - Team logos from the NFL, MLB, NCAA, NHL, NBA, and the English Premier League. 


Interactive Diversions

Bubblewrap -  When we were kids, the best thing about getting a package in the mail was the bubble wrap that came in the box. Now that we're a bit older, and we can appreciate everything else that comes along with the bubble wrap, it doesn't mean we don't still get a kick out of finding every last little bubble to pop. Now, if you want to get your hands on some bubble wrap, you don't have to wait until your next package arrives.


Holiday Snowglobe - A winter's night, with gramps asleep, inside this snowy dwell.


To wake him up, just give a shake, and watch the old man yell.

Lite-Brite - Online version of the popular toy. 


Personality Test - After completing the questionnaire, you will obtain:

    * Your type formula according to Carl Jung and Isabel Myers-Briggs typology along with the strengths of the preferences
    * The description of your personality type
    * The list of occupations and educational institutions where you can get relevant degree or training, most suitable for your personality type - Jung Career Indicator™ 


Pro Wrestling Name Generator - Enter your real name to find out what your wrestling alias name would be.

Tall or Not - How tall are you in comparison to a celebrity?


Tumbling Lady - Also featuring Tumbling Hillary Clinton and Tumbling George Bush.



CD / DVD Album Art Cover Search from Sloth Radio - Huge resource of cover art. 


Nonags Top 500 Rock Songs - http://www.nonags.com/t500/?dr=Top500_Rock 


SJ Staks - Young up & coming hip hop artist from Ottawa. 


Sola - A wonderful Blues performer with a captivating sultry voice.




Frontier Centre for Public Policy -  is an independent public policy think tank whose mission is "to broaden the debate on our future through public policy research and education and to explore positive changes within our public institutions that support economic growth and opportunity."


How'd They Vote - Have you ever wondered how your member of parliament has been voting? We've made it easy for you to find out! Contained herein are many of the pivotal votes in the House of Commons, complete with voting history, dissention, attendance and speaking habits.


Infernal Device - This is a database of torture and execution devices and methods.


 City of Ottawa eMap - The City of Ottawa is the fourth largest city in Canada with an area of 2,760 square kilometres.  eMap can help you find your way around the city. Search by address, intersection, street segment or by facility.  Interact with this web-based software by zooming in and out, by adding additional layers of information or by printing the current view of the map.  Enjoy the “City of Ottawa” at your fingertips.


Glebe Pet Hospital - Veterinary hospital in the heart of Ottawa's Glebe district. Site has information on Cat care, Dog care, and children and pets.


 Super Bowl History - The winners, the losers, the MVPs, the cities and the stadiums the games were played in.