I am a recent graduate of Ithaca College with a Bachelor of Arts in both Environmental Studies and French, with extensive coursework in Spanish.  Desiring to utilize my strengths and attributes and to capitalize on my passion for community and awareness, I had designed a curriculum that would further develop and nurture my interests in the disciplines of language, literature, culture, and environmental policy and issues in an effort to foster analytical thinking and to develop a global perspective and cross-cultural networking skills necessary to participate in advancing environmental and social justice in an international community.

My experiences have been sources of inspiration that have informed my career path as I have cultivated a world perspective.  With extensive travel and networking opportunities in all disciplines of my curriculum, as well as extra-curricular study in theatre, I am versed in all facets of communication, from field work research to acting for screen to public address, reflecting competence and confidence in the public forum.  Likewise, I have honed a number of attributes, such as diversity, open mindedness, and responsiveness, that will prepare me to adapt and to lead in an increasingly global society, in which partnering has become boundless.  Furthermore, having discovered the world in multiple languages, I have learned curiosity, expression, confidence, and tolerance on many levels, thus grooming me to engage, explore, and embrace the world around and to interact in thoughtful consideration of cultural and language perimeters to connect with community for deeper communication and understanding. 

I, therefore, aspire to make a difference by synthesizing my cultural and language sensitivity and finesse with my environmental expertise to broaden public awareness and deepen respect for community through either public broadcasting or social entrepreneurship.  The following review of my academic, work, and skills profiles  illustrate my resolve to make the most of an experience as it challenges me to seek greater perfection.  The confidence gained continues to serve me as I embark on the unknowns and contribute to other life situation in a positive manner.