Only the cutest and dorkiest cat in the world

London Gardell entered our lives in early December. He was Sean's gift to me...and it was a big gift from the self-professed "not a cat fan". After getting the ok from our landlord, we scoured the petfinder website. He was the handsomest cat we'd ever seen. We set up an appointment, bought the necessary cat accessories and drove the hour and a half to meet him. The shelter was a woman's house, and can you say "cat lady"? She met us at the door in red and green sweatshirt (with a cat on it), leggings, and house slippers. London's cage was recessed into the entertainment center by the drafty door. He wasn't very sociable, but he let us pet him. The woman showed us another cat who was a love, but we decided to give London a chance. And he was the best gamble ever!

Everyday he entertains us with his demands for attention, strange sleeping positions, and his affinity for punching Sean in the face.