The Gardells
Est. August 12, 2007

Cast of Characters:

Sean: Man of the House, 27, project engineer

Briana: Lady of the House, 24, project assistant and photographer

London: Kitteh #1, the angel
Malcolm: Kitteh #2, the little sh*t


Worcester, Massachusetts


Sean and Briana met the summer of 2002, through theatre. They worked backstage together on a show and became good friends, but Sean was seeing someone else at the time. Winter came and Sean and his girlfriend broke up. Sean and Briana went to play pool a week later and the rest is, how they say, history.

About 6 months into their relationship, Briana went off to school in Delaware, and they spent the next 4 years making a long distance relationship work.

On April 2, 2005, while at an Enter the Haggis concert in NYC, the fiddler, Brian, called a "special guest" up on stage. Sean made his way up there, and after a brief introduction, invited Briana up as well, where he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. Two and a half years later, on August 12, 2007, they tied the knot.