• HOW TO SUCCEED: personal development, entrepreneurship training.
  • LEADERSHIP DYNAMICS: strategies and tactics for corporate employees.
  • SALES CYBERNETICS: the psychology of selling.
  • NEGOTIATION SKILL: techniques to win personal and business encounters.
  • MEDIA & PUBLIC APPEARANCE PRESENTATION: effective speaking and VIP image projection.
  • PRIVATE PERSONAL COACHING: business development and dynamic personal projection.
  • LEADERSHIP DYNAMICS - Now you can learn how to succeed as a dynamic leader of others, how to gain the respect, recognition and admiration of others via your confident self-image and personal charisma.

    If you desire to move up the success ladder very quickly, this self-motivating, insightful study system will help you to achieve your career goals surprisingly fast. This study course focuses on:

    • Getting others to see you as important
    • How to look and be successful
    • How to achieve the best in life
    • How to use scientific thinking to win
    • How to acquire a millionaire mentality
    • 10 key reasons to become  a personal power
    • How to release yourself from fear
    • How to impressively present yourself
    • How to overcome your problems
    • How to manage your life

    Comes complete in an executive attache case and includes GROW RICH book, LEADERSHIP manual, 8 KEYS TO PERSONAL POWER cards, SUCCESS STRATEGIES handbook, 5 POINT PLAN, personal portfolio, GROW RICH CD and DRESS chart.

  • ACHIEVING GREATER SUCCESS - Brian Adams'  very latest material on  understanding life and using your subconscious mind  to bring a new vitality, health, happiness, creative accomplishment and outstanding personal success into your life. The 8 Lectures include material on the cosmic laws which govern all life. You'll learn how to shape your own destiny, do the so-called impossible and achieve greater success in your life. "You simply won't hear anything better. It's outstanding." A.K.  "A great man with a great mind." C.S.

    Learn how to use the amazing powers of the mind to reap wealth, prestige, high achievement and a stress-free exciting lifestyle. Presented by Brian Adams.

    Running Time: Approximately 80 minutes

    • How to Turn Dreams into Real Events
    • How to use Cosmic Laws to Succeed
    • How to Overcome Life's Obstructions
    • How to Become a Wealth Accumulator
    • How to do the So-Called Impossible
    • How to Lift your Self Image
    • How to Achieve Greater Success